October 2012 Album Releases

October 2012 Album Releases

It’s October, and it’s shaping up to be an awfully good month for music lovers! There are several interesting albums due out in the mainstream, while reggae music has a healthy handful of records dropping just in time for the fall festivals.

The season is in full swing, baseball is winding down, football is just starting to heat up and the temperature is finally starting to cool down. It’s the lull before the storm. Halloween is right around the corner, and then the hectic holiday season kicks off. Before the end of the year slams into gear, be sure to relax, and listen to some new tunes.

Album releases for the month of October are not just limited to domestic releases here in the United States, but international touring artists, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Richie Spice both releasing new albums this month, respectively. New Orleans, Louisiana’s Outlaw Nation will also release their #otlnthelaststand!, along with Cisco Adler, both of whom were featured on The Pier’s FREE MP3 Leak of the Weak. In partnership with the artists, The Pier gave you the first look at these upcoming albums.

Now, the albums either are, or will be, available for your listening pleasure! Read about each album, and their accompanying album review below! Here’s the rundown on four brand new albums from the Reggae Rock community worth checking out this month:

October 2012 Album Releases

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Humanicity
Release Date: October 2nd
Grammy award-winning, Father of Reggae, Creator of Dub, Lee “Scratch” Perry, now, after an illustrious career which includes the discovery of Bob Marley and many other icons of Jamaican Reggae, Lee “Scratch” Perry, 76, has just released a new album, Humanicity! To help create the new record, the innovator, and visionary Jamaican artist, producer, sound engineer and singer joined forces with French musician-producers Olivier “Electric Rabbit” Gangloff and Romain “EasyMode” Ferrey. Together as Easy Riddim Maker, E.R.M., the French duo created an album of ten tracks, just for Perry. Later, Perry came in to record the vocals, improvising the lyrics on all songs. Once again Perry shown the world that he has not lost his touch. Read more about the album, here.

Outlaw Nation – #otlnthelaststand!
Release Date: October 18th
On October 18th, Outlaw Nation will be releasing their new album #otlnthelaststand! via Selfish Records. The new album is a gumbo of influences ranging from not only the spicy heritage of New Orleans, but it embraces the sounds of Red Dirt Country, as well as the dry grass sounds of California folk rock and even touches on the modern sounds of hip hop and more! #otlnthelaststand! Is a return to porch music and storytelling by young musicians. Read more about the album, here.

Richie Spice – Soothing Sounds
Release Date: October 23rd
On the 23rd, Richie Spice will be releasing his forthcoming album Soothing Sounds via Tad’s Record Inc. Richie Spice’s sixth studio album is a complete break from the roots singers last five offerings, and possibly one of the best in terms of showcasing Spice’s wide vocal range and perfect falsetto, which are the driving force behind the entire album. Here’s what Richie Spice told The Pier about recording an Acoustic Album: “Playing with acoustic instruments gets to the heart of the music. It’s reality, it is the natural vibrations. It allows people to hear the message more clearly, and for my career and the sound, it is something that I had not done before now. It was really fitting.” Read our review of the album, here.

Cisco Adler – Aloha
Release Date: October 23rd
After collaborations with hip-hop artist Shwayze and as front man for Whitestarr, Los Angeles musician and singer Cisco Adler is planning the release of his first solo record. The album features Don Carlos, G. Love, Kyle McDonald and more. Rather than drawing influences from California’s coastal jams and west coast weather, Adler will return to his island roots for the big debut, entitled Aloha. On October 23rd, the record will be unleashed on CD, vinyl, and digital through Adler’s own indie label, Bananabeat Records. The album is a demonstration of Alder’s strong skills as a producer, including his ability to almost seamlessly blend multiple genres into the album. The album features a little bit of something for everyone,reggae, pop, hip-hop, acoustic and a dash of dub. Read more about the album, here. Read our review of the album, here.

Whenever there is new music, there is generally tours to support them, so be sure to check our Show Locator to see where each band will be playing fresh music next. If there’s a group you don’t see inside our Show Locator, let us know and we’ll update it!

Article By: Aaron Solomon