Passafire Launch Pre-Order for New Album ‘Longshot’

Passafire Launch Pre-Order for New Album ‘Longshot’

Finally, the time is almost upon us. It’s been four long years since the last full-length Passafire album, leading to much anticipation (and withdrawal) for music fans everywhere. Fear not; however, as the Savannah-based reggae rock quartet just revealed the full track-list and details for their new record, Longshot. If the first two singles are any indication of what to expect for the full album, then circle your calendars for May 12th!

Passafire’s previous effort, Vines, from 2013 certainly left the band with big shoes to fill. Vines helped propel Passafire to new heights, reaching #1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums Chart, and added 13 additional songs to the bands already impressive catalog.

For their forthcoming sixth studio album, the band revealed that they chose to embrace a more collaborative recording process while tracking songs for the new record. Details were also revealed that the band wrote the album scattered across several locations, including singer/guitarist Ted Bowne’s home studio in St. Petersburg, FL, a friend’s home in Sacramento, CA and The Garage in Savannah, GA. Longshot was ultimately recorded in the acclaimed Sonic Ranch studio in Tornilla, TX in which Nick Kubley stated that “It’s definitely been the most enjoyable time I’ve had in the studio.” Passafire also recorded several studio clip updates for fans to get in on the action.

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Details have slowly started to reveal themselves for Longshot, which will be Passafire’s third release via Easy Star Records. The band released the titled track, “Longshot,” on February 23 and digital streaming services February 24 -– in which the track was greeted by fans with a warm reception. About a month later on March 31, in conjunction with the pre-order options and full tracklist surfacing, Passafire also offered up “Blow” -– another solid track featuring contributions from notable hip-hop veteran Mr. Lif. If you were savvy enough to pre-order Longshot already, then you have surely heard the tracks several times by now as they come with each order. If not, check out both new singles from Passafire below and stop slacking on the pre-order!

Pre-order Longshot on iTunes by clicking HERE! — Don’t forget to check out the pre-order bundles to include vinyl and t-shirt options at the official Passafire website below!

Passafire – Longshot Tracklist:
Passafire-Longshot-album-2017-artwork1.) Growing Up
2.) Longshot
3.) Drifter
4.) Bright
5.) Find My Way
6.) Rapunzel
7.) Blow (feat. Mr. Lif)
8.) Fireside
9.) One Blink
10.) Tacoma
11.) Gone Yesterday
12.) Hard to Find

Passafire on Tour

Be ready to bang your head and rock out among hundreds of other Passafire fans for part of the show, partake in several jam-a-long jump-arounds, and also mellow out while swaying from side to side on occasion for some slower jams as well. Don’t be surprised if they sprinkle in some epic Rage Against the Machine, Ace of Base, Red Hot Chili Peppers or Incubus covers in there as well. Needless to say, each live show from Passafire is truly an experience.

Passafire are in the midst of their Spring Break ’98 2017 Tour co-headlining with Ballyhoo! including additional support from Bumpin Uglies, and the tour will conclude on April 14. Passafire also announced that they will be featured on select dates on the 311 Unity Tour, as well as supporting a few festivals throughout the rest of the year as well. Check back for additional tour date announcements soon and make sure you lock down tickets – you can’t afford to miss this!

Passafire Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Passafire – “Longshot”