Passafire release Vol 2 of their Live at SugarShack Sessions.

Passafire release Vol 2 of their Live at SugarShack Sessions.

Always progressive Passafire released Vol 2 of their Live at SugarShack Sessions.

Passafire, Sugarshack Sessions

Savannah Georgia’s PassaFire sat down at the SugarShack and performed acoustic versions of 5 tracks from their 2021 album Strata.

SugarShack Sessions has become a staple in the Reggae Rock Community. The Bonita Springs Florida based creative studio and digital music channel started as a Backyard hobby in 2014, with the mission to give artists a platform to perform striped-down acoustic sets in a great setting with professional audio and video. Since then SugarShack has grown their community to over 350k YouTube subscribers with hundreds of millions of views.

In 2019 they launched Sugarshack Records. An independent record label that distributes acoustic session and live in concert recordings via the digital marketplace and all streaming platforms. 

Sugarshack sessionsPassafire’s Vol 2 of SugarShack sessions does not disappoint. The forever sanguine group did what they do best, blend air tight instrumentation with unapologetically personal and socially conscious songwriting. Since Passafire’s 2006 self-titled album the group’s sound has taken on many forms and textures. Never afraid to experiment and push boundaries Passafire has always stood out among the crowd. With 7 studio albums, 3 Live albums and several EPs Passafire continues to stay consistent and bless the ears of its listeners.

And once again SugarShack Session delivers us another gem and continues to represent everything we love about this community. Stream the album below!

Here is the tracklist and link to check out

Passafire’s Vol 2 SugarShack Sessions Live EP

Down the Road
Elephant Grass
Begging for It
Pictured Rocks
Ancient Mazes

Article by: Adoo