SOJA Release “Still You” Video

SOJA Release “Still You” Video

Fresh off a successful summer tour with Dirty Heads and Tribal Seeds and recent return from Brazil, 2021s Grammy award winning group SOJA has released a new video “Still You” from their award winning album Beauty in the Silence.



SOJA originally from Virginia has had 3 Grammy Nominations bringing home Best Reggae Album in 2021, but not without some pushback and controversy.
Some Caribbean fans spoke out against the group winning going as far as citing cultural appropriation.
The group also received praise from many Jamaican artist including Chronixx  that said

“Dem man ya been blessing us and sharing their platform for with us for years … consistently. Bring nuff a wi on the road before we got opportunities open for any of the native Jamaican music legends. Wah wrong wid some men?”

SOJA new video finds the group on a beach doing what they do best, playing high vibrational reggae music.

“Still You” finds singer Jacob reminiscing about a relationship that “coulda woulda shoulda“ as he sings

“This song is mine and it’s still yours, I’m afraid,

So rest assured you’re in these words that I say”

As we all have something in our past that we sometimes wish worked out differently. SOJA chooses to remember the good times and not focus on the bad..

Check out “Still You” below and catch SOJA at 2023 Cali Roots Festival