Pennywise: Never Gonna Die, World Tour, and Undying Persistence

Pennywise: Never Gonna Die, World Tour, and Undying Persistence

Southern California punk band Pennywise will release its first album in four years next month, titled Never Gonna Die via Epitaph Records amid their current international tour.

The tour will visit 7 different countries and 9 U.S. states, with support and in support of other big name groups like The Offspring, NOFX, Strung Out, and Me First and The Gimme Gimmies. The tour features 4 festival stops, mostly in Europe, including NOFX’s craft beer/punk rock holiday Punk In Drublic.
Never Gonna Die will feature completely new material: 12 never-released songs from the legendary band. The album was produced by Cameron Webb, a veteran in rock and punk, with experience producing for NOFX, Motörhead, Weezer, and Social Distortion, to name a few.

The album is slated for release on April 20th, 2018, but the title track “Never Gonna Die” can be heard on the front page of the band’s website — Never Gonna Die will be the band’s 12th studio album over their 30 year career.

Described by singer Jim Lindberg in interviews as a “working-class band,” Pennywise is a true testament to hard work and perseverance in today’s music industry. Over their long career, they have seen more adversity than almost any band that has survived to tell the tale.

In 1992, quickly after being signed to Epitaph Records, Lindberg left the band briefly to attend to personal matters, including marriage. Less than four years later, the band reached a new level of fame with their 3rd studio album About Time, which landed in the top 100 albums on the Billboard 200 rankings for 1995. This musical milestone and well-deserved celebration for Pennywise was however short-lived, as founding member Jason Thrisk committed suicide in the summer of 1996 after bouts with alcoholism. The band would push through, dedicating many songs and shows to their friend and bandmate from then on out.

For six albums and 12 years, Pennywise enjoyed success on several continents, with increased radio play and constant touring. In 2009, Lindberg parted ways with Pennywise again and seemingly for good, citing fan “support and encouragement” as a main reason behind Pennywise’s continued success.

After a brief stint with Zoli Téglás at vocals, Jim Lindberg returned to the band in 2012, after Téglás injured himself during a performance. Since Lindberg’s return, Pennywise has released one album (Yesterdays, 2014) but Never Gonna Die will be the first album of new material since Lindberg’s return & the latest installment in the vast and admirable collection that is Pennywise.

Pennywise – Never Gonna Die Tracklist:
Pennywise_NeverGonnaDie1.) Never Gonna Die
2.) American Lies
3.) Keep Moving On
4.) Live While You Can
5.) We Set Fire
6.) She Said
7.) Can’t Be Ignored
8.) Goodbye Bad Times
9.) A Little Hope
10.) Won’t Give Up the Fight
11.) Can’t Save You Now
12.) All The Ways U Can Die
13.) Listen
14.) Something New

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Article By: Aidan Leddy
Photo By: David Norris

Listen: Pennywise – “Never Gonna Die”