Thievery Corporation’s New Album: ‘Treasures from the Temple’

Thievery Corporation’s New Album: ‘Treasures from the Temple’

Originating from Washington DC, the electronic reggae-influenced duo comprised of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton – more commonly referred to as Thievery Corporation — are set to release their third full-length studio album in four years entitled Treasures from the Temple. The album will drop April 20 via ESL Music and will feature 12 tracks.

Since their musical inception in 1995, Thievery Corporation has demonstrated their consistent ability to push the envelope for electronic music. Blending reggae, dub, lounge, hip-hop and more into their eclectic mix of tracks in their ever-growing discography, Garza and Hilton never fail to continue reinventing themselves with each release. Along the way, selling out shows has become routine in addition to finding themselves at the top of the bill at most music festivals.
Their latest release, The Temple of I & I, dropped in 2017 and was recorded during a residency in Jamiaca at Geejam Studios – the album featured 15 tracks and guest collaborations from Mr. Lif, Notch, Puma, Racquel Jones, Shana Hall, Lou Lou Ghelichkhani and many more. The album in its entirety had plenty of substance and was exceptionally reggae driven for the majority of the record, but if you haven’t sampled it yet enjoy firing up the lead-off track of dubby goodness with “Thief Rockers” and the hip-hop infused “Fight to Survive” featuring Mr. Lif – the instrumentals are reminiscent of Ghostland Observatory of The Crystal Method a bit.

Perhaps building on the creative momentum that was generated from their previous record, Treasures from the Temple will feature a handful of collaborations with artists who were featured on The Temple of I & I which is denoted from the track-list below. Thievery Corporation mentioned that the intention was to have the record identified as a companion piece to their release from 2017. Like its predecessor, the album was also recorded in Port Antonio, Jamaica at Geejam Studios. Suffice it to say that if Treasures from the Temple is anything like their most recent efforts, then we’re all in for a treat to kick off the Spring.

The first single “Voyage Libre” featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani can be seen below, and fans are encouraged to enjoy the pre-order bundle options which includes Vinyl, t-shirts and more. The various bundle offerings of the album are available by clicking HERE!

Thievery Corporation – Treasures from the Temple Tracklist:
Treasures-from-the-Temple-Album-Art1.) San San Rock
2.) History (featuring Mr. Lif & Sitali)
3.) Music to Make You Stagger
4.) Letter to the Editor (feat. Racquel Jones) [Thievery Remix]
5.) Destroy the Wicked (feat. Notch)
6.) Guidance
7.) Water Under the Bridge (feat. Natalia Clavier)
8.) Voyage Libre (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
9.) Road Block (feat. Racquel Jones) [Thievery Remix]
10.) Joy Ride (feat. Sitali & Mr. Lif)
11.) La Force de Melodie (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
12.) Waiting Too Long (feat. Notch)

Watch: Thievery Corporation – “Voyage Libre” [Official Music Video]

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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