Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

The Green. Sunday, May 25th 2014 4:15-4:45pm


The Green closed out the 3 day weekend of Meet N Greets as they went about 15minutes past their schedule, ending at 5:00pm before having to rush over to do a press conference with Moore Media. Their set ended at 2:45pm inside The Bowl & despite a hectic media schedule on the last day of the festival, signing autographs & taking photos for 45 minutes with their fans was one they most certainly made time for.

Still promoting their Hawai’i 13 album, fans showed up to get their poster’s signed! I’m not sure this takes place without the boys over at Rootfire! They’re always down to enable great opportunities that link the bands to the fans!

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