Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

Passafire. Friday, May 23rd, 2014 4:30-5:00pm


I know, I know – we stressed no personal photos or selfie’s to avoid holding up the line, but how can we say no when the band is into it and we capture an image like this! Here’s a fan sneaking a photo in as Passafire bassist Will Kubley & drummer Nick Kubley look up from signing autographs to smile for the fan-camera!

Their set at Cali-Roots ended just 15 minutes before their Meet N Greet started at The Pier Booth. So they went from melting faces on-stage, to taking selfies & signing autographs for fans within 15 minutes!

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