Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

Photo Recap: The Cali-Roots Meet N Greet

SOJA. Friday, May 23rd 2014 7:15-7:45pm


SOJA was the last Meet N Greet on Friday as they hung out at The Pier booth from 7:15pm-8:00pm. Unfortunately there was no Jacob Hemphill for the Meet N Greet as he had a prior obligation, but the rest of the band was in full attendance.

This was the biggest challenge of the weekend as you have the biggest band from the festival, with 7 members signing autographs and a line of fans that fades into obscurity. See when its 1-3 different members signing autographs, the line goes pretty quick. But when it’s up to 7 members, like SOJA, that’s a lot more signing & a lot more interaction, which does hold up the line. So we apologize for any fans that waited and weren’t able to meet SOJA.

When we initially reached out to the long list of bands to do this Meet N Greet at Cali-Roots, SOJA was obviously at the top of our list & they were the first to respond. By first to respond, I mean we received a verbal confirmation within an hour of reaching out. These guys LOVE their fans – this was our fourth time in 2 years, in different states that we’ve hosted a SOJA Meet N Greet.

They took time to hang out with their fans about 2 hours before their set inside The Bowl. You know, the set where Trevor Young paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix, lit his guitar on fire and let it burn on the stage? You can read about the performance, complete with photos & a set-list by clicking HERE!

SOJA’s new album Amid The Noise And Haste comes out August 12th on ATO Records.
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