Pier Vol 1 Interview: Mike Pinto

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Mike Pinto

The Pier: Never Say Never is a very unique song, I love the guitar lead in it. How did this song come together?

Mike Pinto: I stumbled upon the lead while messing with different minor scales, and wanted something darker. I love minor scales! I was listening to a lot of John Lennon’s solo stuff at the time, and wanted the lyrics to be broad and unspecific.
The other part of the inspiration for the song was from my girl actually, who (before becoming my girl) told me she’d never get with me (haha). I used to sing, “Never say, never say, never say never.” She hated it! It was just going to be an acoustic song, then Tommy Dubs talked about putting percussion on it.

The Pier: As you mentioned you worked with Tommy Dubs (Gadfly) on the track. There is a tight little musical community in Ocean Beach isn’t there?

Mike Pinto: Yes and no. The thing about O.B. is that it’s filled with many transient people. Many artists, musicians, etc. briefly pass through, spend a year or two, and then move on. There are those who will never leave, simply because the town is so special. I’ve moved in and out of O.B. a few times. I have crossed paths with tons of good musicians here though, especially at Winston’s. As long as that venue is in Ocean Beach, there will always be a music scene here.

The Pier: You just dropped an all acoustic album, Everything I Got. Why did you release something like that now? It is such a great listen.

Mike Pinto: There were two reasons for the acoustic album. First off, a lot of fans knew or saw me as an acoustic performer, not in a band. There were a lot of emails saying they wanted to hear me with just a guitar in my hand. So I wanted to keep the true fans content.

The other reason I released the album was honestly to put gas in the van. I haven’t played with the band enough on the road, I’ll be the first to admit that.

The Pier: What else has have you got planned for 2009? Any touring plans?

Mike Pinto: TOUR, TOUR, TOUR! That’s all I want to do this year! I just came back from touring acoustic with The B Foundation and Ballyhoo! through the South, and the band will be joining me for five weeks on my first national tour. I’ll be sure to let The Pier know where exactly, but some dates are already on my MySpace.

The Pier: So what are some of your favorite compilation albums?

Mike Pinto: My best friends got me into Fat Wreck Chords compilations, SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST and PHYSICAL FATNESS. They stick out the most to me. Reminds me of stealing liquor and getting drunk in the woods in high school (haha).

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