Pier Vol Interview: Pato Banton

Pier Vol Interview: Pato Banton

The Pier: Reggae Party is such a fun summer jam. It must be a great song to play live?

Pato Banton: Yes it is! When we were recording the new album “Destination Paradise” we wanted to add a song that had a really get up and dance, feel good factor. Reggae Party does just that while still conveying a positive message.

The Pier: After recording so much music over the past 25 years, how do you keep it fresh and draw new inspirations?

Pato Banton: Traveling the world, meeting new people and jamming with new musicians keeps life and creativity very fresh. The journey of life with all its up and downs inspires me in so many ways I think there will always be something new to write about.

The Pier: What do you think of these new generation of reggae rock artists coming up today in the scene? Is there anyone who you think had got mad skills?

Pato Banton: There is a new wave of Rock/Reggae bands popping up all over the place. We just finished touring across America and playing in 45 States. It’s so cool having new local bands open up for us in different cities. And it’s even better when they throw down an awesome set. I love the way they experiment with various styles of music, especially when they throw some Ska and Roots in the mix. A recent band I just saw that had mad skills was called Rising Son with an amazing lead singer/rapper called I-Levi.

The Pier: What else have you got planned for 2009?

Pato Banton: I’m currently working on a song for a movie soundtrack, a couple musical collaborations and trip to Germany and the UK. Apart from all that I intend to continue with my musical ministry, touring across the USA spreading the Good News!

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