Pier Vol 1 Interview: Stick Figure

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Stick Figure

The Pier: Your song Livin It, is a six minute reggae epic, you must be super stoked on it?

Stick Figure: Yeah, I was definitely happy with the way it turned out. Livin it is actually an old song that me and my friend TJ O’Neill wrote together about three years ago. It was suppose to be on my first album “The Sound of My Addiction,” but we never got around to finishing it.

I recorded this new version when I was living in Argentina over the past year. The first group of lyrics were originally written when me and Tj were just sitting around jamming on the guitar one night. The words came together in minutes. I always loved the concept of the lyrics and I am glad that we finally finished it years later.

TJ deserves as much credit as myself on this one. He played a huge roll in the writing of the lyrics as well as the melodies. He even sang a couple verses himself at the end of the song which definitely makes for a cool transition.

The Pier: Like previous recordings did you play all the instruments on it?

Stick Figure: That’s right, I did all the instruments on this one.

The Pier: When can we expect your new album to drop? It has been brewing for some time.

Stick Figure: The new album is very close to being done. I’m guessing it will be released in September or October of 2009. I think the Stick Figure fans will enjoy this one. I believe it’s my best work to date.

The Pier: How has the move from the East Coast to San Diego been going for you?

Stick Figure: It has been going great. I love it out here and have met a lot of really cool people. I got a band together within the first couple weeks and have been jamming ever since. They are a great group of musicians and are all very dedicated to the music. We are planning on recording an album together this fall. It will have several brand new songs that we wrote together, as well as some new versions of some of the old Stick Figure tunes.

The Pier: Now that you have put this band together, are you looking at touring in the near future?

Stick Figure: At this point we are just playing around the Southern California area and it has been going great. We have not talked about any tours or anything at this point though.

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