Pier Vol 1 Interview: Flip & Rollie

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Flip & Rollie

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Phil Carrillio (Flip) and Ryan Brolliar (Rollie) first met in 6th grade when their cross-town elementary schools combined making the jump to middle school. Ryan was the cool jock guy and Phil was the rebel skater guy. Both were cocky, arrogant, and thought they were way cooler than they really were. They tried to avoid each other but their two worlds collided when they started going after each others girlfriends. It was then that they decided it was best to just get along and combine forces. They have been best friends ever since and have always shared a love for music. From bangin’ on tupperware to drunken campfire songs, they quickly realized how fun and fulfilling music was to create and perform… The rest is history.

The Pier: Your song on the compilation (Reggae Show) is a cool tribute to reggae music. Was your aim to write the “happiest song of the summer?” Cause I think you succeeded.

Flip: Well actually we were shooting for the “happiest song of the year” but according to you, we came up short. Thanks.

Rollie: No, really it was actually written to express how much we enjoy going to reggae shows and listening to reggae music. The vibe is different than most other shows. Everyone seems so chill and at peace, and it goes to show how positive and impactful reggae music can be.

The Pier: Is Reggae Show a good reflection of your band’s overall sound?

Flip: Funny you should ask because we are really all over the place with different kinds of music. When it comes to placing us in a specific genre its tough. We may play a reggae song followed by a jazz piece then turn around and sing an acappella 50’s style doo-wop. The love of performing ALL music may ultimately be what defines the Flip & Rollie Band.

Rollie: I agree with Flip. Right now we’re still enjoying experimenting with different types of music. However, if there is one sound and type of music that we both agree upon writing, it’s acoustic.

The Pier: When can we expect to see an official release from you guys?

Both: In the next couple months. Most likely September. We want to also take this opportunity to thank Paradigm Studios for all the hard work and patience in the last months to complete this album.

The Pier: What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

Both: Write, record, perform, and surf.

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