Pier Vol 1 Interview: The B Foundation

Pier Vol 1 Interview: The B Foundation

The Pier: Time is a pretty rocking punk rock tune, it must be cool as band to explore different genres of music?

Jason Moorehead (bass): We at this point pretty much stand to be that band in our scene that feels that we can get away with anything. We have immersed ourselves into music since we were youngsters and have soaked up so many different vibes and different styles. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel but instead push the boundaries of whats “acceptable” in our genre of music. The songs on Souvenirs are still rooted in reggae but if we are feeling some metal, punk, or jazz we’re gonna do our best to rip it. We only try to please ourselves and hope that all the kids and fans dig what we dig, ya dig?

The Pier: This track is from your Souvenirs recording session, what was it like working with Josh Fischel as producer?

Jason Moorehead: Josh was great, we really respect him as an artist first and foremost. We took him on tour last fall as an opener and he was so much fun to have in the van and to watch him perform every night was awesome. He has one of the most awesome voices I’ve ever heard, it’s very powerful and soulful. When it came to the actual recording sessions, Josh took over as an engineer when we had problem with our first engineer. What he didn’t know he learned on the fly and pushed us to make a record that sounded like The B Foundation, which was our goal also. He did a great job, although he did have some mean gas.

The Pier: This is your first album with Tyler on guitar, what do you think he has brought to the band?

Jason Moorehead: Well Tyler has brought a lot to the table, he’s a different dude. He moved down here to LA from Portland Oregon, he learned all our old songs without a hitch, he jumped into the band feet first and hit the ground running. I try to put myself in his shoes and see how mind boggling it all could have been to join a band that tours 200 days a year, in debt, trying to record its most important record to date, and under the pressures of everything that comes along with it.

It must have been tough, but Tyler seems to be having the time of his life. Meeting new people and enjoying the road, and committing everything he has to The B Foundation. His guitar playing level is above many and sometimes it even seems as if he’s bored playing. He really digs in and loves to feel the music he’s playing. His mind operates on another level musically and I can’t wait to get to explore it even further when we start writing for our next record.

The Pier: We just read that you signed a distribution deal with EMI, that must be pretty exciting?

Jason Moorehead: Yeah we signed a deal with Fuel Records out of Orlando FL, they are going to be working Souvenirs and distributing it through EMI. We are stoked to get our album into new markets and to have people pushing it beyond what we’ve been able to accomplish alone as an independent artist. The best part is the album is made and the people at Fuel/EMI love the record and are passionate about pushing it. We aren’t looking too far into the future with this thing, we are just happy to have our CDs available to the masses and can’t wait to see what doors it opens for the B.

The Pier: What else has the B Foundation got planned for 2009?

Jason Moorehead: 2009? Its almost over isn’t it? We are going to continue to market the new record and push it through our radio channels. KROQ in Los Angeles shows us love, which is immensely cool. The are pretty much the taste maker for all alternative radio stations across the country. We’re hoping to get some songs placed in commercials and movies to further expand the touch of The B.

We are currently chillin’ and enjoying some much needed time off. We’ve been working non stop for over two years. When I say time off I just mean a month, a month with five shows. So I guess we really are only giving our van a break, we are booking up a nationwide Fall tour that starts in September and is going to run up until Thanksgiving time. We really hope to get on some bigger tours again this year. It’s very hard to follow up last Fall’s tour with Slightly Stoopid, but being on tour as a headliner and doing the groundwork is what has made us who we are and we’ll continue to grind it out until we strike oil, or lose our minds! I’d bet on the oil.

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