Premiere: Bonzai! Unveils “One Margarita,” ft. Kash’d Out

Premiere: Bonzai! Unveils “One Margarita,” ft. Kash’d Out

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West Tennessee reggae-rock outfit Bonzai! Introduces their single/music video, “One Margarita,” featuring Kash’d Out.

Talking about the song, MC and vocalist Keela shares, “‘One Margarita’ was written in mind to make anyone who hits play to let go of all their inhibitions just live in that very moment. Wanted to make a feeling that hits you in a certain way to let loose and grab you a cold drink and just…. live. Featuring Greg Shields of Kash’d Out, we feel like this song is the right concoction to be that perfect party thirst quencher.”

Made up of Chris ‘Keela’ Case (MC, vocals), Landy ‘Taco’ Moore (vocals, guitar), Madison Bryson (drums) and Taylor Whitney (bass, keys), Bonzai! formed in 2019, Bonzai!’s sonic chemistry is tangible and apparent on their previous hit singles, including “Stereotypical,” “Pyro,” “Moon,” “Taking Back,” “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” and the ska and alt-rock flavored “My Turn.”

With their breathtaking live performances, Bonzai! has shared the stage with Kash’d Out, Tropidelic, Bikini Trill, Cydeways, Sensi Trails, and Sun-Dried Vibes.

Recently signed to Last Minute Music, with distribution through The Orchard/Sony, Bonzai!’s next era launches with the release of “One Margarita,” a grand party anthem of larger-than-life proportions designed to leave you deliciously intoxicated.

“One Margarita” opens on platinum skiffing tones, followed by filtered vocals flowing into a bewitching, rolling rhythm powered by a fat, vibrating bassline. Keela’ lush, smooth vocals imbue the lyrics with tasty, upbeat savors. The feel and flow of the tune are at once hefty and alluring, pushing out vibrant washes of reggae-rock.

“Wake up in the morning feeling all types of hazy / I don’t know what happened, but it must have been amazing.”

The video, set at a backyard pool party, depicts the band and friends having fun in the sun, including custom-made margaritas, swimming, and joking around.

Watch the new music video below:

Commenting on the video, Taco says, “The video was shot by the one and only and a brother to us, Waheed AlQawasmi. We wanted to capture the party essence of the reggae vibrational sound, so we made sure to mix in sunshine and water into the visuals, but also topped off nicely with some nighttime intimate settings. Wanted to let it be shown that this song is perfect for all scenarios where one just wants to feel good.”

Undulating on voluptuous harmonics brimming with rumbling energy, “One Margarita” hits the sweet spot.

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By Randi Radic