Ranked: Slightly Stoopid’s Best Albums

Ranked: Slightly Stoopid’s Best Albums

Ranking SLIGHTLY STOOPID Albums–an impossible task, can it be done?  The Pier’s own Kelly Graham takes a stab at it.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming release from Slightly Stoopid, marking their return after a notable six-year gap since their last record, it’s a perfect moment to delve into the band’s rich musical journey. With each album serving as a unique chapter in the band’s career, the evolution of their sound can be seen woven through their discography. Slightly Stoopid has consistently captivated the Stoopidhead fan base with their signature blend of reggae, rock, and funk. Here’s my take on the albums that have solidified the band’s status as one of the most beloved in the genre.

1. Top of the World
Top of the World sits firmly at the top of my list. From the infectious funk of “Devil’s Door” to the sun-soaked rhythms of “Don’t Stop”, and Stoopid’s debut collaboration with Chali 2na on “Just Thinking,” every track is a timeless gem. Featuring a plethora of talented guest artists, this album solidifies Slightly Stoopid’s position as a band capable of fostering enduring musical partnerships.

2. Closer to the Sun
From the mellow vibes of “Fat Spliffs” to the infectious rhythms of “This Joint,” this album transports listeners to a state of blissful relaxation. With its smooth melodies and uplifting lyrics, “Closer to the Sun” is the perfect soundtrack for lazy days and beach adventures, inspiring the creation of the Mexican festival bearing its name which just announced their 10th anniversary lineup. Stay tuned, as The Pier will be covering the entire event!

3. Everything You Need
This album marked a pivotal moment for Slightly Stoopid as they showcased an eclectic fusion of influences, from reggae and punk to hip-hop and blues. With a mix of upbeat tracks like “Officer” and “Everything You Need,” alongside mellow tunes such as “Wiseman” and “Collie Man,” Slightly Stoopid really found their distinctive sound that attracted a large, dedicated fan base. With its infectious grooves,Everything You Need remains a fan favorite, highlighting the band’s versatility and contributing to their ongoing success.

4. Live and Direct: Acoustic Roots
The album’s live vibe amps up the energy and spontaneity, totally capturing Slightly Stoopid’s dynamic performances. Whether it’s Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald’s soulful vocals or their killer guitar riffs, Live and Direct: Acoustic Roots really shows off the band’s amazing musical skills and their knack for keeping crowds hooked with their raw sound, a reminder of why Slightly Stoopid rocks the acoustic scene.

5. Everyday Life Everyday People
With guest appearances from artists like Don Carlos and Alborosie, this album offers a diverse range of collaborations. Stand out track, “Higher Now,” seamlessly blends reggae vibes with Chali 2na’s smooth flow, creating an infectious groove that’s impossible not to move to. My personal favorite, “Stay the Same” is just the vibe for kicking back, soaking up the sun, and cruising with the windows down.

6. Meanwhile…Back at the Lab
Highlighting the band’s growth while remaining authentic to their origins, this album exemplifies Slightly Stoopid’s knack for fusing varied musical styles into a cohesive masterpiece. The tunes on Meanwhile… Back at the Lab cover a lot of ground, from chill vibes to deeper thoughts. You’ve got songs like “Life Rolls On” keeping things mellow, while tracks like “Come Around” add a fun, upbeat feel. “One Bright Day” hits you in the feels with its heartfelt lyrics, and “The Prophet” brings some serious reggae-rock vibes.

7. Chronchitis
This album is packed with tunes that make you want to relax and enjoy life. It also happens to hold my all-time favorite Slightly Stoopid track, “2am,” the ultimate anthem for late-night adventures and carefree moments. Additionally, “Above the Clouds” is another standout with its soothing rhythm and atmospheric instrumentals.

8. The Longest Barrel Ride
Released in 1998, this album captures the essence of Southern California’s laid-back culture.  One of my all-time favorites, “Castles of Sand,” embodies Slightly Stoopid’s signature mix of chill reggae grooves blending seamlessly with the band’s gritty punk edge, creating a sound that’s uniquely theirs. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to soak up the music, and just vibe out. So why is this album number 8? Well, come on guys, every album is outstanding, how do you even pick?

9. Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid
Blending sounds of reggae, ska, rock, blues, and even metal,  this album delivers a vibrant fusion of musical genres. Standout tracks, like “I Would Do for You” and “No Cocaine”, continue to be set list fixtures at live shows and fan favorites 15 years after their release.
And of course, I have to mention the two funky instrumental tunes that bring some serious groove to the table, “Train 1” which starts things off with its catchy rhythm and upbeat vibe, followed by “Train 2” keeping the party going with its funky bass line.

10. Slightly Stoopid
The self-titled debut album is chock-full of rapid, edgy punk tunes and raw energy. Tracks like “Righteous Man” and “Zero Tolerance” deliver punchy guitar riffs and high-energy vocals, reminiscent of classic punk anthems. The album’s punk influence is evident in its rebellious attitude and straightforward lyrics, while also incorporating elements of reggae and ska.

Meanwhile…Stoopid is back in the lab, and while we wait for the next installment in their discography, we are incredibly lucky to have such a large, and eclectic collection of incredible Stoopid songs to jam in the meantime.