Reggae Radar Featuring Mike Mocerino

Reggae Radar Featuring Mike Mocerino

We had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Mocerino, the talented guitarist for the band aurorawave., delving into his diverse musical journey.

By Kelly Graham

Rooted in metal, Mocerino’s guitar skills are truly exceptional. Additionally, aspiring musicians have a unique chance to learn from his expertise, as he’ll be offering guitar lessons through Kevin Offitzer’s company, Backstage Music Lessons.

Courtesy of Mike Mocerino

With the explosive release of aurorawave.’s latest single “Inferno,” featuring an epic collaboration with metal giants Atreyu, Nathan Aurora is truly fulfilling his promise to venture into uncharted territories, departing from the familiar sounds of Iya Terra. Personally, “Inferno” has become my standout favorite among the four tracks released so far, and definitely displays a metal sound, while keeping a reggae vibe.

Don’t miss Mike’s gigs with Ballyhoo! running from May 9th to 19th, and mark your calendar for an upcoming Aurorawave performance to witness reggae and metal collide. Stay tuned to his musical adventures on Instagram @mike_mocerino for exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks and a dash of inspiration.