Rebelution in Florida with The Expendables & Passafire!

Rebelution in Florida with The Expendables & Passafire!

With all these big summer tours rolling through the nation, every reggae rock fan has a chance to see an amazing show this summer. However, it seems that Florida fans have really lucked out. Rebelution has announced a four day Florida Tour featuring The Expendables, and Passafire!

The outdoor run starts Thursday, August, 16 in St. Petersburg at the infamous Jannus Live. Then they head to south Florida’s east coast for a show at the Pampano Beach Amphitheater, head north to Cocoa, and end on Sunday in St. Augustine.

This is a tour, that would do very well nationwide. The Pier was curious as to Florida’s preferential treatment, and how this weekend of shows came about. Eric Rachmany of Rebelution explained:

“A lot of people don’t know this but the Expendables were the first band that took Rebelution out on the road. They were the first band that introduced us to Passafire as well. All three bands have a great following in Florida and the timing was perfect to get together… Overall we are big fans of the Expendables and Passafire, and on top of their music being great, they are all very down to earth people.”

Fans going to see these shows have a lot to be excited about. This line-up is ideal for sit-ins and collaborative sets. With both Rebelution and The Expendables recently releasing acoustic albums, we had to ask if there are plans of any acoustic collaborations on the Florida Tour, maybe an acoustic song with all three bands..or even an acoustic set?

Nick Kubley of Passafire affirmed “It’s definitely a possibility. If we have time to jam together on the first day then maybe we can work that out. We’ve done onstage collaborations with the Expendables on tour before and it’s always been fun.”

Eric Rachmany of Rebelution told us that “(he) had the pleasure of driving to Santa Cruz to jam with the Expendables….They just came out with an acoustic album which I think really demonstrates how versatile they are. We had a great time jamming. We’ve been trying to collaborate for years now but never got the opportunity so we’ll see what comes out of it. Hopefully we will have something to play together in Florida!”

These are three bands that have worked in this area a lot over the years. They all toured together for smaller bar shows years ago. It’s good to see them touring the summer, together again, this time in front of packed fields and amphitheaters!

Florida Tour Dates:
August 16 @ Jannus Live. St. Petersburg, FL
August 17 @ Pampano Beach Amphitheater. Pampano Beach, FL
August 18 @ Cocoa River Front Park. Cocoa Beach, FL
August 19 @ St. Augustine Amphitheater. St. Augustine, FL

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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