Rebelution’s Kyle Ahern Debuts Solo Effort ‘Taking Off’

Rebelution’s Kyle Ahern Debuts Solo Effort ‘Taking Off’

Atlantic City’s Kyle Ahern has had a jam-packed couple of years. Known originally for the strong delivery of performing various covers, Sensamotion and most recently for his contributions as a guitarist for Rebelution, Ahern has officially released his own solo record under the name TICO –- an eight-track effort entitled Taking Off that will serve as a delight to the ears of those who listen.

Dating back to several years ago, Kyle Ahern has built quite a resume for himself. He also has a versatile background, having transitioned from being featured in Guitar World Magazine promoting metal and Ibanez guitars (proud Ibanez S Series owner myself), and Ahern then made a pivot to focusing on reggae sounds dating back to 2013 when his covers began to surface. Ahern was also the guitarist at one point for Sensamotion, and then moved to join Rebelution making his debut on their Falling Into Place Tour.

Ahern’s solo TICO reggae project has been in the works dating back to 2016, and while the album clocks in at just over 30 minutes, the eight-track album is an adaptable reggae-rock release with moments of dub, distortion and mellow ambient sounds. Crack a beer and relax with the intro track or beachy self-titled “Taking Off,” before melting your face with the guitar solo in “Stand Up Strong” or the head-noddin’ jam that is “All of Me” -– this track sounds reminiscent of instrumentals from Scott Woodruff at times.

A vast spectrum of influences can be heard on Taking Off, but it has its own unique sound. Definitely a worthy addition to the collection of any reggae-rock enthusiasts, see for yourself by streaming Taking Off or own it via iTunes today by clicking HERE!

TICO – Taking Off Tracklist:
TICO Album Cover1.) Intro
2.) Free
3.) All to Me
4.) Lost in Love (feat. Benton)
5.) Worth My Time
6.) Native Land
7.) Stand Up Strong
8.) Taking Off

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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