Toronto’s Jungle Man Sam Releases New Single

Toronto’s Jungle Man Sam Releases New Single

Sam Morton, known as Jungle Man Sam is an international recording artist based out of Toronto Canada. We first took notice of him from our good friends at Reggae Rise Up. His new song is “Dive Deep” and will be the first of many he plans to release in early 2018.

“Dive Deep”, as the press release reads, is an upbeat dance/pop love song set over deep dancehall bass grooves from the song’s deep, rhythmic, bass lines to the driving yet effervescent quality of the synth, “Dive Deep” features seamless transitions and intoxicating horn-filled interludes.
I hear it as a Tropical, Dance, R&B, Pop track with some mild reggae & jazz undertones and Soca influences. Sam has raw talent with great potential as an up and coming recording artist. He’s said to be inspired by his personal adventures throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, engineering a collection of songs that reflected his travels and adventures.

Sam operates as most do in the industry as an independent artist but teamed up with Bad Royale’s Rude Mood Records for the release of “Dive Deep.” Sam tells The Pier he plans to release a couple more singles with them, followed by an EP. An album is down the line as he continues to network with multiple producers and artists, allowing those relationships and experiences to shape his path. With “Dive Deep,” Sam explains “It was inspired by a new love, more specifically a love of turbulent energy. I’ve found in my journey of partnerships that uncertainty often leads to all the fears that come with committing to a connection, and I really wanted to express how willing I was to go as deep as I possibly could into that love, and how much I believed in it.”

“Dive Deep” was a song that was describd as being 2 years in the making. It’s Sam’s 5th original song that he’s dropped since the release of his debut track “CPR” in January of 2017. He currently performs solo-acoustic but tells The Pier “I’m gearing up to put Drums + DJ/Trombone/Saxophone on the road so that we can tour as a trio. And eventually as the tours and shows get bigger, adding another member from back home in Toronto until the whole 6 piece band is on the road!”

In the mean time, you can stream his new single “Dive Deep” or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Jungle Man Sam – “Dive Deep”

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Article By: Mike Patti

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