Music Unites – Reggae Around The World Vol. 3

Music Unites – Reggae Around The World Vol. 3


On Tuesday, May 13th, reggae artists from across the globe have come together once again to bring you Volume 3 of the Music Unites – Reggae Around The World compilations!

Volume 3 is the first of these compilations to come out in 2014 with Volumes 1 and 2 dropping in August and November of last year. The newest installment of Reggae Around The World features another 30 tracks from various reggae artists of all different cultures and backgrounds.
Just as before, the compilation costs $4.99 with all proceeds going towards the Music Unites Organization. is committed to help bring back music education for underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems. The first two volumes have been a huge success and although there are many other great organizations and artists doing their part to better our future generations, the efforts behind the Reggae Around The World compilations have been unmatched.

Jordan Rosenthal, drummer for Fortunate Youth, has continued to be one of the main organizers of the Music Unites albums and has done an extraordinary job of gathering some of today’s finest reggae musicians, far and wide, to bring fans a giant compilation at a minimal price.

In regards to the amount of growth that the compilations have seen within the past year, Jordan explains, “We have raised almost 10,000 dollars for the Music Unites non-profit and have also been getting all the music out to new parts of the world… All we want to do is to bring more love and consciousness into this world.”

The Pier would like to remind you that the first two volumes of Reggae Around The World are available for FREE download at!

Being the humble man that he is, Jordan also made sure to express his appreciation for all those who have helped and supported this amazing cause so far. “Last of all, I would like to thank Fortunate Entertainment, Cali’s Finest, Vita Coco, Raw, Cali Roots, So Cal Street Team, The Pier, as well as all of the amazing bands and record labels that have been so supportive of this compilation.” He adds, “If it wasn’t for all of their help and contributions towards this compilation, we would be nowhere. This whole project is all about eliminating competition and bringing us all together. We couldn’t be more thankful for the help and support that we have received.”

Don’t forget to download your copy of Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Volume 3 through iTunes on May 13th!

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    Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Vol. 3 tracklist:
    1. Tribal Seeds – Dawn of Time
    2. Blue King Brown – Rize Up
    3. The Expanders – Can’t Blame the Youth
    4. Rootz Underground – Rain
    5. True Press – Won’t Let Go
    6. Fortunate Youth – One Love
    7. Marlon Asher – Dabatude
    8. Hirie – Sensi Boy
    9. Ojo De Buey – No Se Acaba
    10. The Slackers – Dub Medication
    11. Tommy T – The Call
    12. Hot Rain – Long Road
    13. Deal’s Gone Bad – California and 26th
    14. The Simpkin Project – Harder
    15. Highdro – Occupy
    16. Mighty Mystic – War
    17. Arise Roots – Moving Forward
    18. E.N Young – Love Love Love
    19. Sashamon – Jah Roots
    20. Mighty Mellow Massive – If I Called
    21. Codi Jordan Band – All I Know
    22. Papafish – 1 to 10
    23. P-Nuckle – Turf War
    24. Afro Omega – Rowin This Boat
    25. Lance Sitton – Good Love
    26. Dewey and The Peoples – Lost
    27. Iya Terra – The Hit
    28. Build A Machine – Free Your Mind
    29. The Skints – The Cost of Living
    30. The Bumpin Uglies – Morning After

    Music Unites Organization Links:
    Music Unites Website
    Music Unites Facebook

    Article By: David Garcia
    Album Artwork By: Brian Kolek

    Watch: Rootz Underground – “Rain”

    Listen: The Expanders – “Can’t Blame The Youth”