Reggae Songstress Analea Brown Talks New Single “You” & Sophomore Album “A-N-A”

Reggae Songstress Analea Brown Talks New Single “You” & Sophomore Album “A-N-A”

Rising Tongan songstress Analea Brown has officially returned with a brand-new single entitled “You” featuring Kabaka Pyramid and the announcement of her sophomore album “A-N-A” coming soon via tastemaker label Mensch House Records.

You can listen to “You” feat. Kabaka Pyramid HERE

Analea Brown took the spotlight with her reggae beats, soulful vocals and loving lyrics on her debut album “Queendom,” which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts. For some, the name Analea might be new, but her songwriting and music industry history runs deep with credits on Sammy Johnson’s #1 iTunes hit ‘Still Wanna Be Your Lover,’ writing for 5th Harmony’s Dinah Jane’s first two singles before auditioning for X-Factor. She co-wrote one of the best-reviewed songs on iTunes for The Jets 25th reunion album ‘Believe in Love,’ and is partially responsible for Tenelle’s track ‘For The Lovers,’ hitting #1 on iTunes and Billboard charts. Her live performances are also not to be missed and she has graced tours with GRAMMY winners Morgan Heritage, GRAMMY nominees Common Kings, Sammy Johnson, FIJI, and more.

The sat down with Analea Brown to get the inside scoop on her new single, her sultry soulful sound and why her new album “A-N-A” is all about love.

After dropping your debut album “Queendom” with much success, you’re back with a new album and new single “You.” What can you tell us about the new single?

Analea Brown: “You” is all about that, You. When you love someone so much all you think about is that person, so there’s a line in there that says “I love me some You.” When we go through so much with a person they become our best friend and we find ourselves wanting to be around that person all the time.

On this new single you have a guest appearance from Kabaka Pyramid. How was it working with him in the studio?

Analea Brown: Working with Kabaka is so much fun. We have worked together on another project before and he is such a gem! His writing style complements this record so perfectly and his energy gave this record a whole new vibe. It’s just feel-good Reggae and Kabaka brings this infectious energy in this catchy love song.

Tell us a bit about the upcoming new album “A-N-A” and where you are coming from with it?

Analea Brown: The title of the new album is called “A-N-A,” pronounced ay-en-ay, which is my nickname. The thought behind it is that I wanted this to be a way to bring everyone in closer to me – closer to my thoughts and ideas, closer to my world and some of the things that are important to me like love. This is all about love.

The album was recorded in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. I felt like it was super important that I recorded local and that I brought in songwriters who were local to collaborate. To me, being authentic in creating my album meant bringing everything home to the place that made me who I am today.

I’m all about love, and this one is personal. “A-N-A” is all about love! I grew up listening to all kinds of music but just like “Queendom” and my catalog, you will hear all of those influences infused with reggae undertones.

How was the songwriting process for “A-N-A” different from your debut album “Queendom”?

Analea Brown: I believe that everyone has the same playing field when it comes to songwriting because we all have the same amount of words available to us to use. I believe that in a songwriting session, no idea is dumb. Sometimes crazy or funny ideas lead the way to amazing or unique ideas.

Also, some of the local songwriters that I brought in for this album had never placed a song before. It was the same way with my debut album “Queendom.” But I think that with the platform I have – my heart wants to be able to give others a chance, the same way that somebody years ago gave me a chance.

In addition to Kabaka Pyramid on the record, you also recorded a song with Aaradhna called “Ready.” What can you tell us about that?

Analea Brown: To work with someone you’re a huge fan of is a dream come true! I feel like she is a unique, beautiful, talented soul that you meet and instantly want to protect. I’m extremely honored to be able to now call her “Sis”!

Ready” actually has 3 different versions. I thought we’d do something I have never seen done before. We created Reggae, R&B and hip-hop versions of this song. So to make it complete, I brought in my brother Teez from Reno, who is an amazing rapper, songwriter and lyricist.

We have 3 different versions of pure, sexy fire. All vibes and easy listening. Teez brings the heat in the hip-hop.

What are some of the other standout songs you’re excited about?

Analea Brown: The song “Home” is like a modern take on 90’s R&B with a cool little Reggae spin. This record is sing-a-long-able and car stereo- replay worthy.

Jesus” is full of country and hip-hop undertones, and it has some cool little surprises that will definitely have you bobbing your head. It just has this unique combination of wholesomeness and vocal sauciness.

On “Lotion” I’m showing off a little; rapping, raggamuffin, and heart felt vocals. All for the sake of spreading love.

Then there is this song “Know” that has this country Reggae vibes. Beautiful and so powerful in both its musicality and lyrics. This one’s a tear-jerker!

Then to close it out we have a beautiful reggae mix of passion and longing on “Easy.” I think my vocals truly shine on this record.

By: Kailee Maguire