Review: Beres Hammond – One Love, One Life

Review: Beres Hammond – One Love, One Life

Beres Hammond – One Love, One Life
Track Listing: Disc 1
1.) No Candle Light
2.) Can’t Waste No Time
3.) In My Arms
4.) Crazy Dream
5.) Lonely Fellow
6.) My Life
7.) Keep Warm
8.) More Time
9.) Shouldn’t Be
10.) The Song

Disc 2
1.) Still Searching
2.) Don’t You Feel Like Dancing
3.) One Love One Life
4.) Cant Make Blood Outta Stone
5.) You Stand Alone
6.) Family
7.) The Truth Will Live On
8.) Prime Time

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Release Date: November 13th, 2012
Record Label: VP Records
Website: Beres Hammond Website

Group Background:
Beres Hammond might be the most talented and recognizable practicing singer/songwriter in all of Jamaica. With a subdued demeanor and a passionate voice, Hammond has been one of the most successful solo artists from the island of Jamaica, while pouring his soul into a smoky-sweet voice, which has been his instrument of subtlety and prominence for over thirty-years. Beres Hammond has been an actively touring professional artist since 1972, and over that span of time, Hammond has an album catalog of 17 full-length studio releases, as well as numerous compilation albums, and a live DVD filmed in New York and released in 2002 via VP Records.

The Jamaican born artist has been known for his ideal and smooth voice for lovers rock and influenced by ska and rocksteady rhythms. With such a fruitful journey in the music industry, Hammond is still pushing through and releasing new music, decade after decade. One Love, One Life is just the next in line for Hammond.

Album Review:
The lustful, groovy sounds of Beres Hammond are alive and well with the latest release of One Love, One Life. For an esteemed singing icon and an astute recording artist, a double album at this stage of Hammond’s career fulfills the all-encompassing endeavors of a true musical legend. Without question, Hammond’s forte is the sensual love jams, and with 18-tracks on two discs, the fans receive more of the traditional sounds of the Caribbean island’s shining star.

As past Beres Hammond classic albums produce bountiful dance floor ditties that captivate couples’ emotions, One Love, One Life comes complete with a similar scenario with songs like, “In My Arms”, “Lonely Fellow”, “Keep Me Warm”, “Shouldn’t Be”, and many more. Although One Love, One Life is not entirely for the lovebirds among us, throughout the album, the musical composition that accompanies Hammond’s vocal chords continues to change the pace and tempo of each track, arranging the overall feel of the album ideally.

With an album full of love ballads, even portrayed on a reggae canvas can often times turn into an album more reminiscent of lullabies to prepare for a long night of sleep, but this is not the case with Hammond’s One Love, One Life. The track “In My Arms” and “Family”, from the second disc, belts through the speakers with the substance that many reggae bands or backing bands only wish to achieve.

This is Beres Hammond in his natural form, displaying his talent over two full discs. The reggae purists in the music community will cherish the timeless sounds with Beres’ iconic voice. This is a complete album from start to finish and will only grow on the listener with time, but there were not many changes or advancements with the overall sound from Beres Hammond’s previous work. In the music business, consistency is key and over thirty years Beres Hammond has been just that. More of the same greatness from traditional Beres Hammond certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Written & Reviewed By: Kris Siuta

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