Review: Collie Buddz – Playback EP

Review: Collie Buddz – Playback EP

Collie Buddz – Playback EP
1.) Playback
2.) Comedown
3.) Hope
4.) Serious
5.) Holiday
6.) World A Girls
7.) Brush Me

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: Jan 18th, 2011
Record Label: Harper Digital/Moijiza Management

Artist Background:
Collie Buddz, from the island of Bermuda, has been touring extensively with his band The New Kingston Band and his longtime compatriot and hype man, Pee Wee. Collie’s music incorporates influences from Hip-Hop to Soca, but has a rock-solid foundation in Reggae. Collie Buddz has done something not impossible but something once seemingly very implausible. He’s become the most buzz-worthy current Reggae artist over the past few years. In the summer, 2007, Collie Buddz’ Columbia Records self-titled debut album stormed the charts entering the Billboard Reggae Chart at first position. The Reggae singjay became an international star when this album then went on to debut across the world at the top of every chart from Japan to Germany. With much of the production coming from Collie himself, he delivered a solid debut with contributions from Supa Dups, Shea Taylor, Bang Out, Screwface, Bobby Konders and Crown N Kah-So-Real to name just a few.

Album Review:
Collie Buddz has come a long way since his 2007 self titled debut album in which he demonstrated to be very versatile by his genre bending abilities and how well he could ride a blend of different beats and melodies. In his recent free, digitally released: Playback EP, Collie seems to have found a more consistent sound and style that is also very relevant.

If you really dig catchy, feel good pop music, Collie is your guy; his Playback EP is packed with tracks that have radio and club status. The tittle track Playback is a very catchy love song, with sweet lyrics and super radio potential. Followed by Come Down, a mellow track with some of the best demonstration of Collie’s lyrical skills. Hope ft. Demarco is one of those bouncy, club bangers with a very catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along.

Once you get to the middle of the album Collie displays his true reggae influence with two tracks Serious and Holiday, both of which have a very mellow reggae rhythm displaying his smooth voice as he sings about love and hardships of keeping a 9-5 job. Holiday made me realize just how badly I need a vacation in the islands. World A Girls has a head bobbing beat and is a song where Collie found a very romantic way of singing about his groupies and experiences with women all over the world. A nice and sexy song follows, Brush Me, the use of the mighty auto-tune is what makes this one a radio status track that I’m sure would make the ladies melt. Alchy Ride is my least favorite of the album, with a pronounced dancehall influence and a clapping beat. this party track could easily be a club track.

If you are into the likes of Sean Paul and Shaggy, Collie Buddz is right up your alley. His very smooth voice and catchy lyrics make up a very decent EP. I would like to see more lyricism coming from him, but I did also enjoy the fun, feel-good songs about love and good times. I was surprised not to hear more songs about the sticky icky, which for me, was more of a relief. But with a name like Collie Buddz it was only expected.

Written & Reviewed by: Mariana Norcalchika Rojas
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