Review: Fiction 20 Down – Do Not Feed The Radio

Review: Fiction 20 Down – Do Not Feed The Radio

Fiction 20 Down – Do Not Feed The Radio EP
Track Listing:
1.) Say So Long
2.) Victorious
3.) Neighbor’s Cup
4.) Maudlin
5.) Do Not Feed The Radio

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Release Date: July 12th, 2011
Official Website: Fiction 20 Down Website

Group Background:
Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Fiction 20 Down (also known as F20D) delivers refreshingly diverse tunes that are at once upbeat, yet soothing; delightfully melodic, yet rocking. Few bands are talented enough to pull off the wide array of styles F20D boasts to infuse, all while building and maintaining their own authentic identity. As lead singer Jordan Lally states on the 2010 track “Play On”, from the Let It Ride EP, “I am movin, yeah you can’t stop me,”; a perfect display of the band’s pride that this is their music, their destiny, and nothing is gonna stand in their way.

In only 3 and a half years of existence F20D has released 3 full length albums and two EP’s. They have toured alongside of many well-known groups such as Iration,The Supervillians, Ballyhoo!, and many more. With the release of their EP titled Do Not Feed The Radio, F20D will hit the road with Echo Movement on a tour of the East Coast.

Album Review:
It is evident by listening to Fiction 20 Down that they are the type of group that refutes musical classification. Do Not Feed The Radio is a fusion of rock, hip-hop, and reggae with a positive progression. It is nothing unexpected of the East Coast trio as they have gained nationwide popularity due to their dynamic, soulful harmonies and lyrics alike.

Fiction 20 Down rarely ventures out of a major scale in this five song EP. This is why each melody achieves more of a cheerful vibe than other reggae hybrids. Say So Long is a prime example. It begins with a riff on the guitar that eventually unfolds into the core rhythm. With that in mind, most of the songs are pretty similar in structure. The song Do Not Feed The Radio however progresses upon a beat not commonly used in reggae music but more commonly in Latin music or even polka.

My favorite song on the EP is Victorious which focuses on winning a love interest over, singing “I can help you feel the love” during the end of a few verses. The guitar accompanies the vocals at the beginning, but subsequently builds up to the involvement of the bass guitar and upbeat progression on the drums. It doesn’t take complexity to write alluring music. With this release, Fiction 20 Down transforms your basic drum beats and bass lines into motivating uplifters, love ballads, and summer time party songs. Neighbor’s Cup is the leading example of that on this record. Simply put, it is a beach time drinking song. It is also where F20D’s hip-hop influence shines through the best as some of the verses are rapped.

Do Not Feed The Radio EP definitely feels like a summertime record. It is easy to see that F20D creates the vibe that they love to produce and that fans are eager to listen to. With this EP, Fiction 20 Down stays true to their musical mode with their modern twist on reggae rock.

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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