Simpkin Project’s New Release!

Simpkin Project’s New Release!

On August 9th, 2011 Simpkin Project will be releasing their 3rd studio album titled Everything You Want. The 14 track album plays a multi-faceted blend of reggae and Americana that varies greatly on its exterior layers but only atop the organic rhythms of reggae music.

Simpkin Project – Everything You Want
Album art by Ralph Arenas

1.) Showtime (Featuring Jah Horns)
2.) Everything You Want
3.) Check Yourself
4.) Harder
5.) That Girl
6.) Wanderer (Featuring Kristen Wyman of Flute)
7.) Good Times
8.) Woke Up (Featuring Harmonica Greg)
9.) Bad Things
10.) Love (Featuring Albert Romero and Sabrina Cabral on Strings)
11.) What Seems to be the Problem.
12.) Only the Free
13.) Tell Me So
14.) Where You’re Coming From

Their newest album, titled Everything You Want was Produced by Phil Simpkin, Shawn Taylor and The Simpkin Project and all songs were mixed, edited and recorded by Shawn Taylor at HDP Studios in Huntington Beach, CA. The release was then Mastered by Rueben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood Ca.

The Simpkin Project’s sound has been described as “uncompromising… blend[ing] authentic roots rock rhythms with a wall-of-sound production style,” and the lyrical compositions of frontman Phil Simpkin range “from the simply truthful to the stirringly anthemic.” Their dedication and respect for reggae music is both seen and heard through their non-stop, enthusiastic live performances, songwriting style and studio recordings.

Simpkin Project’s music can be likened to a dialect of its parent language – culturally adapted to make sense in its place and time. It is music that addresses the struggles we all face; showing us that there is beauty in all things, from love to loss to injustice, and thus remaining true to the messages of traditional roots-reggae without which it would not exist. These pieces come together to form a kind of living machine comprised of seven cogs that change shape and size and tempo, and it moves not only bodies on a dance floor, but the hearts and minds inside them.

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