Review: Fayuca – Barrio Sideshow

Review: Fayuca – Barrio Sideshow

Fayuca – Barrio Sideshow
Track Listing:
1.) Por Que Seguir
2.) Tricky Sneaky Sleeves
3.) Marialena
4.) Stickier Than The Last
5.) Shoot It Up (feat. Jason DeVore)
6.) Sigo Amandote
7.) Beginner’s Luck
8.) Pick Up The Pieces
9.) The Cycle
10.) Salvame

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 7th, 2013
Record Label: Fervor Records
Website: Fayuca Website

Group Background:
Just like their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, Fayuca flirts between their cultural Hispanic roots and American soil, and they always intertwine their own version of reggae and alternative rock. This Latin punk trio has been around for almost a decade now, and they keep pumping their fans with new and improved blending of genres. It’s no surprise that they have performed with huge artists such as Nas, Damian Marley, 311, The Dirty Heads, Fishbone, Authority Zero, and many others. After a recent hook up with Fervor Records, Barrio Sideshow will be the bands debut out of the Bomb Shelter. It’s been four years since Fayuca’s last album The Assassination, and with the upcoming release of the their fourth studio album, Barrio Sideshow, this one is set to be an epic showcase of how Fayuca toca buena mu’sica.

Album Review:
While pulsating their vintage Latin alternative sound, Fayuca gives their audience a ten track album that sticks more with a punk rock, then reggaetone performance. The trio goes all out on the bands fourth studio album and Barrio Sideshow won’t disappoint Fayuca fans.

Sticking true to their roots, Fayuca’s Spanish influence is evident on song titles and lyrics throughout the album. “Por Que Seguir,” meaning “Why go on?” is a hard-pounding vocal and instrumental set that really sets this album up well. The pinnacle track on Barrio Sideshow comes in the form of “Marialena” – Fayuca’s masterpiece song that sums up the premise for what this album entails in the catchy hook “this could be paradise,” if one’s paradise comes in the form of punk and ska Latin based rock tracks.

Barrio Sideshow mixes well with the reggae inspired track “Shoot it Up” featuring Jason DeVore, from Authority Zero. However, before going too reggae, Fayuca comes back with the song “Beginner’s Luck,” which inspires more grungy sounding drums and guitar, and some deeper vocals about regrets and the past.

Although Barrio Sideshow comes up big with some great instrumentals throughout, and even some occasional horn work thrown in with consistent English and Spanish vocal work by Gaberial Solorzano, the album is going to be a raw and rough break-in with new listeners. Fayuca is still a little dark for many reggae advocates, and with only 10 tracks on this one, Barrio Sideshow is too wrapped up in that consistent mold to really break out all the way. A good listen, and this will be added to the collection, but not going to be on constant repeat.

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew McClatchy

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