Review: High Tide – Still Rising

Review: High Tide – Still Rising

High Tide – Still Rising
Track Listing:
1.) Still Rising
2.) Side Track
3.) The Game
4.) Back for More (feat. Clear Conscience)
5.) Do It Big
6.) Eye for an Eye
7.) Summer Cali Love
8.) Satisfied
9.) Revolution
10.) Constant Struggle (feat. Daygo Produce)
11.) Right to Know
12.) Tribal

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Website: High Tide Website

Group Background:
Representing a not-so-classical, seven piece band out of San Diego, California comes the “old school” reggae, rock band High Tide. Formed in 2003, High Tide prides on being independently produced and self-righteous to the art of music making. Making an impact in the SoCal area, they have since expanded to playing shows throughout the Southwest United States, and have performed at events such as Vans Warped Tour in 2008 and 2009, and look to put together a great performance at this year’s Cali-Roots Music and Arts Festival. Still Rising is the band’s first album in two years, and these guys are hell bent on making a name for their classic smooth sounding reggae style that is High Tide.

Album Review:
Despite the emotional lyrics and unique sound that High Tide brings, Still Rising is more like “slightly sinking”. At times High Tide gives the listener some really strong riffs, and melodies, but only for short bursts before they seem to disappear with the rest of the songs. The lyrics are splattered with really strong emotion, however there’s just no connection that brings in the audience.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the album really comes to a close after the first two songs. The title track “Still Rising” involves the journey before the destination, and what it took to get to this success (for the band). Strong rhythm and lyrics actually set the tone for this opener, however after an above average performance on the second song “Side Track,” Still Rising begins to slip, and there isn’t much turning back.

In the entirety there are shining moments, however they are rained out by over compensated chorus’, and overproduced hooks that just take High Tide from a smooth reggae vibe, to an uncomfortable sounding mode. Certain sounds from certain instruments seem to be out of tune or played at the wrong time, and often the lyrics feel like they’re bouncing around, instead of being relaxed and controlled.

Even with decent features from Daygo Produce and Clear Conscience, there isn’t much in saving the songs “Constant Struggle” and “Back For More”, respectively. And it only continues in very simple, mindless tracks like “Summer Cali Love” and “Do It Big”.

High Tide put some hard work in the studio, but they didn’t produce this one that well, and sometimes that’s the downside of independently producing an album. The sound is clean, but the lyrics and melodies just clash throughout and its an uncomfortable listen. There is a bright side of hope, in that the first two tracks aren’t too bad and may even attract some downloads, but after that you’re on your own.

Written & Reviewed By: Andrew McClatchy

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