Review: Jason Devore – Conviction 2

Review: Jason Devore – Conviction 2

Jason Devore – Conviction 2 (The Crooked Path)
1.) The Crooked Path
2.) Hold Me Down
3.) Hey Kid
4.) New Orleans
5.) Generation Sickness
6.) Rocket Science
7.) No Chance
8.) Possibly Maybe (4AM)
9.) Bottom Feeders
10.) Carefree Highway
11.) What Are We Fighting For
12.) Cast You Away
13.) Turn The Page
14.) Young and Numb
15.) Informer

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: March 8th, 2011
Record Label: Operation Records

Album Background:
Jason Devore, lead singer of Authority Zero, has teamed back up with producer and former Authority Zero Guitarist, Bryan Sandell to record Jason Devore’s next solo album titled Conviction 2, The Crooked Path. This will be Jason Devore’s first solo album since the 2006 release of Conviction (The Smokehouse Sessions) giving him 2 solo albums, both produced by Bryan Sandell. They first released the single The Crooked Path on iTunes back in Sept 2010.

Album Review:
Jason DeVore’s second solo-release, Conviction 2 (The Crooked Path), is an aural ride driven by acoustic melodies and poetic lyrics, which create personal reflections that cruise through the sonic space like images passing by outside of a car window traveling down a scenic highway.

As with Conviction 1 (The Smokehouse Sessions), the Authority Zero frontman partnered with longtime friend and former bandmate, Bryan Sandell, to create the 14-track follow up, which further unveils DeVore’s musical and vocal versatility. As far as the electrified, get-up-and-jump-around alt-rock vibe of Authority’s sound, Crooked Path is nothing like his work with the band. However, DeVore’s decision to experiment with his art, by writing more personal content and setting lyrics against a playful, unpolished sound with fiery vocal melodies, only illuminates his passion as a musician more and the attribute shines out of his latest release.

Crooked Path is stripped-down and soulful acoustic-guitar rock with other sonic elements, like keys, a little bass, drums and a few electric wails and riffs, sprinkled in to help generate the propulsive vibe moving through the album. However, it is DeVore’s vigorous vocals that add the most dynamic layer to the sound. Raw, ragged and comfortably rough, his singing feels like waking up to a cup of black coffee and a cigarette while wearing the same jeans you fell asleep in after a night spent drinking whisky and playing pool at your favorite dimly lit dive spot.

Through the album, DeVore’s energetically expressive lyrics about growing older, following dreams and overcoming the obstacles on the highway of life, dance around jangly guitar strumming in notable tracks such as Hey Kid, New Orleans, Generation Sickness, Carefree Highway, and Possibly Maybe.

Hold Me Down, a catchy track about staying true to one’s intentions in spite of society’s pressure to conform, is a personal favorite. Another fave is Turn the Page, with its drum rhythms and crashing cymbal play accenting aggressive guitar strums and confident lyrics about transcending life’s many stages, Turn it up, turn the page/ Turn it up, not tucked away/For things they change/ And they get strange/ But you stay hungry/ Turn around and let the music play/ For once again it’s a new day.

I think what I love most about Crooked Path is my inability to pin down the cohesive and solid sound DeVore has created. The bluesy-mix of fiery acoustic-rock is infectiously melodic and at times even has an aggressive punk vibe. DeVore has delivered a distinct listening experience and the stripped down, thoughtful sonics of Crooked Path are ideal for sunny day road trips as well as any playlist used to keep the flow of everyday life moving forward.

Written & Reviewed by: Amber McDonald

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