Review: Perro Bravo – 3 On The Tree

Review: Perro Bravo – 3 On The Tree

Perro Bravo – 3 On The Tree
Lefty At The WashoutTrack Listing:
1.) 4 On The Floor
2.) Let’s Rock Again
3.) Haunted Panga
4.) Same Thing
5.) In Time
6.) Electric Remix (ft. Jamin from Thicker Than Thieves)
7.) As The Sun Sets In The West
8.) Born In 69
9.) Still Dont Care Too Much Dub
10.) They Get Along

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: July 7th, 2015
Record Label: Skunk Records
Official Website: Perro Bravo Website

Artist Background:
Perro Bravo is a band started by Michael “Miguel “Happoldt. Miguel began his musical adventure as a member of the group “Sublime”. He played with the group between 1991 and 1993 and produced and mixed the band’s first album “40. Oz. to Freedom “.?After signing with a major label the band recorded its break through record “Sublime“. Veterans of the stage and studio, Perro Bravo is more focused on grass roots approach to bringing music to the people and a d.i.y. ethic in the studio.

The sound is similar to Sublime and Slightly Stoopid but is also more guitars based. Current stage line up is Mike Long (Capitol Eye) on bass, and Greg “Mudd” Lowther (Falling Idols, Corn Doggy Dog, Gluefactory, etc.) on drums.

Album Review:
3 on the Tree is not what I was expecting by any stretch of the imagination given the history of this band with Sublime, the Falling Idols, Warchurch and many other Long Beach musical adventures. Simply put, this is a rock record, hitting on the Specials, Sublime and the Stooges along the way.

Their debut Smokin Scorpion Tales was a great album, but this release solidifies the Perro Bravo sound as a powerful, but melodic rock band. There are reggae influences, surf influences, ska influences, but once its all mixed up, as my friend Nick Bone would say… “It’s all Rock N Roll”.

The strength in this album for me comes across in the surf and rock tunes, flavors that have been missing for far too long from this scene.

“4 On The Floor”, is an upbeat steppers track with a wandering guitar and rolling bass line that introduces the album nicely with its theme of letting go and moving forward.

“Lets Rock Again”, takes an abrupt right turn into the land of the Ramones, and seems to scream at the idea of expectation and the burden of influence with a nice middle finger in the air. “Haunted Panga” is a mostly instrumental surf tune, appropriately soaked in reverb and drenched in a Spanish influence pulling in the romance this band seems to have with places south of the border.

“Same Thing” brings in the aforementioned Specials influence, firing quickly back into the rock track, “In time”. Enlisting the help from Jamin of Thicker Than Thieves, Electric Remix ads a little hip hop flavored vocals to the album. “As The Sun Sets In The West” is a mellower track which I feel is the strongest lyrically on the album calling out the bullshit of false preachers.

The first time I heard “Born in 69” I instantly thought of the Stooges. This song is what rock n roll is all about; heavy guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums.

Many will recognize the sample at the beginning of “Still Don’t Care Too Much Dub” from Sublimes’s Robbin the hood. This is Perro Bravos take/continuation of that Sublime instrumental. The Fender Rhodes that dances over the top of this track almost gives the song a Doors feel.

Aptly named 3 On The Tree, a reference to an old school 3 speed transmission, Perro Bravo’s second album manages to sound original, relevant and familiar all at the same time. Sonically, the album is great, while avoiding the trap of overproduction that is so common in new releases while anchoring itself in simplicity and old fashion good playing and song writing. Long Beach has always seemed to have it’s own dialect and slang that is part working class, part beach town, and when put to lyrics there is something so authentic about it.

Miguel’s lyrics have a way of drawing on this dialect which bring an element of culture to his songs. Perro Bravo is a raw band that unapologetically lets it all hang out there while still remaining accessible to a wide audience. There is a lot to be said for a three piece band that can play so many styles so powerfully, let alone make those styles sound uniquely their own, and Perro Bravo is one of a few that can do it.

Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs

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Listen: Perro Bravo – “4 On The Floor”

Perro Bravo – 4 on the Floor from Raised Fist Propaganda on Vimeo.