Review: Sand Section – The Gun EP

Review: Sand Section – The Gun EP

Sand Section – The Gun EP
Track Listing:
1.) Bad to Worse
2.) Closed Eye Paradise
3.) Spit Shine
4.) Pixelated Romance
5.) The Gun

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Release Date: June 1st, 2011
Official Website: Sand Section Website

Artist Background:
Hailing from Manhattan Beach California, this three-piece set prides themselves on bending many genres into one called “Surf Rock”. The name Sand Section derives from the term used by Manhattan Beach area real estate agents to describe plots of land that are in the midst of the town’s larger, sandy beaches. They began writing music nearly ten years ago and formalized recently when Sand Section was formed in 2008. Their music is saturated with sounds of many different genres as they pride themselves on “making good music for the sake of good music”, denying any conformity to a single genre. Their debut album was released in May of 2010, and just a year later the west-coast rockers unveil their sophomore EP to music fans of a number of genres. They have shared the stage with multiple national acts such as Pepper, The Dirty Heads, Ballyhoo!, and Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, just to name a few.

Album Review:
It is indeed true that Sand Section does not really care to be classified under a specific genre. Although many songs on their previous release leaned more towards reggae, The Gun EP incorporates many popular genres such as rock, alternative, indie rock, and of course some reggae.

The EP shows that Sand Section is not afraid to do what they want to do with their music. As you move into listening to the EP it seems as though every song differs in structure and could potentially draw attention from fans across the other end of the music spectrum. The introduction to the EP is the song Bad to Worse. It begins with a short intro of guitar riffs that leave you with a tidbit of anticipation for the progression of the song. It then breaks into a groovy, upbeat reggae rhythm. I found the combined melodies between the vocals and the music to be very fitting, especially during the verses. Spit Shine also follows much of the same structure. The chorus’ includes some supporting vocals and power chords alongside of a basic rock drum beat.

Much of the melodies are formed either acoustically or by distorted power chords on the beat rather than the classic reggae and ska offbeat. I like Pixelated Romance for the flowing chords on the acoustic and the constant use of two vocalists. Throughout the song I thought I heard multiple instruments that really complement the whole atmosphere created through the main rhythm. Multiple instruments perform a solo throughout the song such as the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and violin.

The Gun is set in a dimmer atmosphere not only from the lyrics themselves but the mood created by the slower tempo, contrasting melodies of the instruments used, and by the vocals as well. The song is split by a reverb-heavy guitar solo then to the use of heavy metaphors to get the point across.

This short collection of tracks are very contrasting but are a good mix. I recommend that you visit their website at to pick up this EP! Or you can pick up their entire first album inside our MP3 Massive section by clicking HERE

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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