Review: The Hangers – Get Your Ticket

Review: The Hangers – Get Your Ticket

The Hangers – Get Your Ticket
Track Listing:
1.) Silly
2.) Postcard
3.) Stranger
4.) I’m On A Roll (Feat. Funky Flip)
5.) Late Night
6.) Trigger
7.) Just My Luck
8.) Windy Day
9.) Train
10.) TO
11.) Wait

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 24th, 2011
Official Website: The Hangers Website

Artist Background:
In 2009 The Hangers were given credit as the unveilers of the Montreal Ska Festival. This marked the beginning of their musical success, rising in popularity amongst the Montreal underground scene, soon after releasing their first full length album Half the Fun. They have shared the stage with many popular ska groups such as Planet Smashers and Ska veteran Mitch Girio. After touring throughout many major Canadian cities and performing at colleges and city-wide celebrations The Hangers release their second full-length album entitled Get Your Ticket.

Album Review:
The Hanger’s newest release titled Get your ticket is truly defined by the refrain of track number four on this album, I’m on a Roll. Lead singer Philippe Cassidy sings “I’m on a roll, Yeah man I’m on fire” with funky flip singing later in the track to include reggae’s classic rastaman sound. The music all-in-all is indulged with bending vocals, frisky guitar riffs, and wailing solos. The album has its reggae and ska progressions, but Get Your Ticket is not limited to that by any means. I compare the guitar work more to alternative sensation Cake’s lead guitarist Greg Brown. Many directional and dexterous riffs (not chord progressions) not only serve as an intro or accompanying melody to a song, but as the core rhythm in some tracks such as Trigger.

This album is definitely a team effort. I love how active the music makes each member sound in attaining the sound they do. Lead singer Philippe Cassidy is never the only one singing. It does not sound like any member ever really gets a rest break throughout the eleven tracks as the music is very involved and at multiple times has a lot going on. There are tons of detailed back-up vocals, either creating a harmony with Philippe or repeating the lyrics in the background.

“She’ll spit you out like chewing gum” is how singer Philippe starts the refrain with track three Stranger. He sounds like Jack White of The White Stripes with the tremolo in his voice accompanied by a harmonious back up vocal section, a synth keyboard section that is very captivating, and electric guitar work cloaked by a slight wah effect.

One of my favorite tracks which is amongst those with reggae characteristics is Postcard. It is about moving far away from a place he’s been trapped after finding a postcard to a far away place in the trash. I’m tired of being in place sums it all up as he mentions later having one-way ticket to paradise, stating that this place is his new home. I enjoy the skanky keyboard progression covered by an ecstatic wah-filled solo on the guitar that splits the song in half.

Windy Day differs in a few ways from the album. It has less going on overall and seems more happy-go-lucky rather than frisky and faster-paced as the majority the album is. However it shares many of the same characteristics; Melodious vocals–about spending another great day in the depths of the city, a slower paced offbeat rhythm on the guitar, and a distorted bass line create a happier and more relaxed atmosphere. The next few songs return to the style common throughout the rest the album.

The Hangers are yet another group north of the U.S. border that are going hard and succeeding. It is a unique compilation of not just one style of music. I suggest picking up their newest release on iTunes or if you want a taste, pick up a two song sample of Get your Ticket at The Pier’s MP3 Massive section!

Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi

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