Review: The Wheeland Bros – Toast To The Coast

Review: The Wheeland Bros – Toast To The Coast

The Wheeland Bros – Toast To The Coast
Track Listing:
1.) Sand in my Sheets
2.) In With the Newport
3.) When Will I See You Again
4.) Just Take It Easy
5.) Toast to the Coast
6.) Fool
7.) Shark Harbor Lullaby
8.) Weather the Storm

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Release Date: May 22nd, 2012
Official Website: The Wheeland Bros Website

Group Background:
The Wheeland Bros out of Newport Beach in Orange County specialize in beach culture. Self-described as “acoustic beach rock reggae”, the SoCal foursome are surfers simply making music for surfers. The collision of hip-hop, reggae, acoustic, and rock caused the formulation of the Wheeland Bros, who spend their time jamming on the beach, surfing, or simply chilling out by the bonfire. The debut of Toast To The Coast in May of 2012 marked the official commencement of their musical journey.

Following their debut release, The Wheeland Bros will be performing along several beach fronts in California. Including a show with Donovan Frankenreiter, The OC quartet will perform at multiple venues that border numerous California beaches including Hermosa beach, Seal Beach, Dana Point, and San Clemente.

Album Review:
All The Wheeland Bros needed for musical inspiration were their lifestyles and the local scenery. OC’s newest beach-inspired group had a major advantage when writing their debut album; they could write about what they love to do. Further, the track list itself is auspicious of what the four-piece is all about; good times and relaxation.

For a debut album, Toast To The Coast is a zesty and au naturale jolt to beach music. No artificial musicianship, overbearing extra effects, or vocal masks. Using vocal effects would not be necessary for the Wheeland Bros though. Vocalists & brothers Travis and Nate Wheeland conjointly promote a soothing atmosphere with two immense, but mild-mannered voices.

The album kicks off with “Sand In My Sheets”, “a nice reminder of good times with good friends”, according to the group. The ukulele often replaced the traditional guitar throughout the album much to the easy-listeners’ avail. “Fool” unravels in similar fashion, rather the quartet sings about desecrated relationships and imprudent decision making. “In With The Newport” is a song dedicated to their hometown near their hometowns near Newport Beach in SoCal.

My favorite, Just Take It Easy , features limited percussion but full-blown harmony and mellowness. “You got to break the rules if you want to be free”, sings the group.

Although the album is on the rather petite side with only eight tracks, Toast To The Coast was a great foundation for the young Wheeland Brothers. Those days and nights spent jamming the guitar and ukulele on the beach paid off, and it is great to see a crew fuel from its surroundings like these SoCal beach rockers/surfers. Here’s to the coast!

Written & Reviewed By: Matt Emodi

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The Wheeland Brothers just launched their first official music video for their new song “Sand In My Sheets”. To read up on the song, find more info out on the group and their new album “Toast To The Coast”, read our news update on the group by clicking HERE. Enjoy the video…