Review: Three Legged Fox – We Are Electric

Review: Three Legged Fox – We Are Electric

Three Legged Fox – We Are Electric
3lfTrack Listing:
1.) Shadows
2.) All The Lights
3.) We Are Electric
4.) My Satellite
5.) Mercy
6.) When The Colors Come Back
7.) Trigger
8.) Hold On
9.) Breakdown
10.) Falling In
11.) Nothing’s Over
12.) Save You

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Release Date: January 21st, 2014
Official Website: Three Legged Fox Website

Group Background:
Three Legged Fox is a five-piece, alt-pop-rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Members Kyle Wareham (Lead Singer/Guitar), John Duxbury (Keys), Mark Carson (Bass), Kory Kochersperger (Drums) and Chris Duddy (Guitar) formed the band in 2006. The band has toured with the likes of Mike Pinto, Natty Vibes, Fear Nuttin Band, and took the stage at the 2013 Cali Roots Festival. “We Are Electric,” marks Three Legged Fox’s fourth studio release. The album was recorded at Soundmine Studios and produced by Dan Malsch.

Album Review:
We Are Electric is a blend of The Script-sounding pop, Kings of Leon-sounding alt-rock, and hints of country and reggae. There is nothing about We Are Electric that is original sounding, no musical boundaries are being pushed and no one would suggest that the album is groundbreaking. However, this doesn’t take anything away from We Are Electric. In fact, if we were to create a sub-genre within the broader rock-reggae genre called “pop-rock-reggae,” Three Legged Fox would be kings.

The title track “We Are Electric” is Three Legged Fox at their best. The tune’s arrangement is strong, incorporating predictable tempo changes, keys and a catchy chorus. The tune passes the like-ability test, leaving the listener with “ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, we are electric” in their head for hours. The song has huge market potential and is primed for mainstream radio.

The album continues with “My Satellite”. The pop-rock tune progressively builds with tempo changes, layered guitars and vocal intensity. The song peaks at the bridge, then slows and punches you in the face before the last verse and chorus. Wareham’s vocals are strong and on full display on “My Satellite”, but I can’t help but feel that he held back just a little bit on this tune. I was waiting for that last vocal push to put the song over the top and it never happened.

The album slows a bit in the middle with the country song “Mercy” and the relationship-themed “Breakdown.” The latter is a full sounding pop-rock tune with nicely placed transitions and a strong overall arrangement. “Mercy” starts off strong with country-like electric guitar pedal “whining” and acoustic guitar, adding the other instruments along the way. A smooth guitar solo about halfway through continues to move the song in a strong direction. “Mercy” then takes an unexpected turn towards gospel, as the instruments fade and Wareham sings the chorus (nearly) a cappella, accompanied by rhythm clapping you’d expect from a church choir.

The only obvious reggae tune on the album is “Nothing’s Over.” The song is, unfortunately, uninspired “white boy, Cali-Reggae” complete with recycled “summer girls lyrics.” Given the lack of reggae sounds on the album, the tune simply doesn’t fit with the rest of the songs and is the only real let down on the album.

Overall, We Are Electric is a strong showing by Three Legged Fox; and, with the exception of a few minor hick-ups, the album clearly communicates Three Legged Fox’s aptitude for pop-rock. The album feels cohesive and complete, which is refreshing at a time when music tends to focus on singles rather than albums. For listeners who are looking for a little more pop-rock, and a little less reggae-rock, you need to look no further than We Are Electric.

Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

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