Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

If The Pier’s 2014 Most Anticipated Albums was any hint to the quality of new music we can expect for the year, then we as fans are spoiled! Two albums featured in that article we have for Review with new releases by Three Legged Fox & Aer! Lets check the review & star rating for each new release…

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Aer – Self-Titled

“There is not a bad song on this record, and at the same time there is something for everyone here. It is great from start to finish & people may dismiss this album because of its pop sensibility, which would be a mistake. Aer’s artistry & talent runs deep and I heard it beaming out of the speakers with this self-titled release…” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)

Three Legged Fox – We Are Electric

“Overall, We Are Electric is a strong showing by Three Legged Fox; and, with the exception of a few minor hick-ups, the album clearly communicates Three Legged Fox’s aptitude for pop-rock. The album feels cohesive and complete, which is refreshing at a time when music tends to focus on singles rather than albums. For listeners who are looking for a little more pop-rock, and a little less reggae-rock, you need to look no further than We Are Electric….” READ MORE
Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg