Rock Bros. Brewing Presents: Rebelution’s IPA

Rock Bros. Brewing Presents: Rebelution’s IPA

Rebelution has announced a custom band IPA! This one of a kind brew is set to make its debut on June 25th at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL during their Falling into Place Summer Tour! The release party will go hand in hand with their show that day which will include The Green + J Boog, Stick Figure and Through the Roots!

As it’s never a lazy afternoon for Rebleution, drummer Wesley Finley and Keyboardist Rory Carey set out to grab some brews at Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing. The boys arrived to the tasting and were greeted by owner Joey Render and his brewers Kevin Lilly and Tony Casoria from Tampa’s Rock Brewing Brothers. The trio was there to work with Rebelution in creating a signature beer for the band.

Who Are The Rock Brothers?

Uniting 2 of the best things on the planet, craft beer and music, the Rock Brothers partner with musicians to design trademark brew for bands and fans to enjoy. Founder Kevin Lily has come up with a system that includes the artists to be involved in every aspect of the brewing process: from the recipe to artwork and of course creating the name. Since 2014, The Rock Brothers have worked with artists such as: Hootie and the Blowfish, Umphrey’s McGee and 311!

So What Is This IPA Going To Taste Like?

Always thinking about their fans, the goal was to produce a beer that anyone can enjoy! In order to appeal to a large audience, the IPA stands at a 7.5 ABV so all beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers can enjoy. In an article from the Tampa Bay Times, Carey describes to brewer Joey Redner what their ideal beer would taste like: “An extremely dank, extremely hoppy west coast IPA, something that smells and tastes like weed.”

Brewer Eric Wannemacher characterized the beer as “the perfect harmony of ingredients. The pilsner and rye malts provide a crisp, refreshing and dry finish, while the fuggles (hops) and mosaic hops bring the tropical citrus and dense herb characteristics.”

June is a big month for Rebelution, not only are they debuting their IPA, the band released their new album, Falling Into Place and began their summer tour on June 3rd at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Be sure to catch them in your city this summer!

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Article By: Julia Goodman

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