Sizzla’s New ‘Radical’ Release

Sizzla’s New ‘Radical’ Release

On April 15th, roots reggae and dancehall veteran, Sizzla, is set to release another brand new album. “Radical” is set to release under VP Records and the album will feature a collection of rare, unreleased material from Sizzla’s earlier days.
Containing rare recordings from the Xterminator label sessions, Radical is composed of 16 tracks that were originally produced by Philip Fattis Burrell in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Fattis, who has since passed away, was crucial in helping Sizzla create some of his best work to date. Most notably, this includes 1997’s “Praise Ye Jah,” which is now widely considered to be Sizzla’s breakthrough album and one of the most influential conscious reggae albums of its’ time.

More recently, Sizzla’s 70th album, The Messiah, earned the VP Records artist his first Grammy Award Nomination in the 2014 Best Reggae Album Category before eventually falling to Ziggy Marley. Sizzla’s talent and sound has also been recognized on a different spectrum of music as rap juggernaut, Jay-Z, sampled Sizzla’s “Solid As A Rock” on the track, “Crown,” from his latest album, 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail.

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Nearly 2 decades after first emerging onto the reggae music scene, Sizzla has remained true to his craft and the upcoming release of Radical will showcase his signature style of conscious lyrics, love ballads and addressing the corruption within today’s society. Although the tracks were all previously recorded, this latest effort also features guest appearances by some of Jamaica’s most well-known musicians and producers such as Steven Stanley, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Dean Fraser, and Sly Dunbar of Sly & Robbie.

It takes a special kind of talent to be continually successful in the music industry over the course of time and Sizzla has already exceeded the norm. With over 70 releases under his belt and a great team behind him in VP Records, Sizzla’s Radical is sure to be another classic by the long-time Jamaican artist. Make sure to pick it up when it becomes available on Tuesday, April 15th!

Sizzla – Radical Tracklist
Sizzla -Radical album cover1.) Protect My Life
2.) Radical
3.) What’s Wrong With The Picture?
4.) Sad Mistake
5.) Burn Dem Schism
6.) Hardcore
7.) Golden Rule
8.) It’s A Rocky Road
9.) Everybody Has To Live
10.) Groove With Me
11.) That’s Why I Love You
12.) All Da Time
13.) Best Thing In My Life
14.) I’m A Winner
15.) Fly High Fly Low
16.) I Am No Better

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Article By: David Garcia