Tomorrows Bad Seeds Give Birth to ‘LIFE’

Tomorrows Bad Seeds Give Birth to ‘LIFE’

Although Tomorrows Bad Seeds have been relatively quiet throughout the last couple of years, 3 of their founding members have remained very active & after countless writing sessions together, Moi Juarez, Sean Chapman, and Matthew McEwan have come together once again to bring you an all new adventure they call LIFE.

The renewed trio has had a busy time with “LIFE” since they decided to pursue this new direction in their musical careers. On February 13th, LIFE hosted their first showcase at Webster Hall in New York City. Shortly after, their debut single, “R U D W N ?,” was premiered on USA Today.
Next up, the premiere of their second single, “Better Days,” took place on March 21st on Yahoo! Music. All these events were taking place as the long-time friends from Southern California were building a name for themselves on the East side of the country.

As the trio of LIFE made their way back to the West coast, the guys made sure to take advantage of their time out East by appearing on several blogs and radio stations, interviewing and promoting their debut single in acoustic form. The Pier was lucky enough to talk with LIFE and Tomorrows Bad Seeds’ lead singer, Moi Juarez, in regards to the new project.

First off, I had to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind… What happened to Tomorrows Bad Seeds? Moi explained, “After releasing our 3rd full length album, ‘The Great Escape,’ which we are extremely proud of, the evolution of our music had taken us a bit outside the realm of reggae. But if you know our sound, you know that we have always continued to push the envelope and attempt to tie all the loose ends of music together, whether it be reggae, rock, punk, hip hop, R&B even ballads. We wanted to take a little time out to continue to write and develop our sound as a band and the music was coming out so different that instead of releasing these songs as Tomorrows Bad Seeds, which isn’t over it’s just dormant, Tomorrows Bad Seeds gave birth to LIFE!”

Moi adds, “The three original members of TBS, Sean, Matt and I, had been doing a lot of writing sessions together. We were formulating and reworking songs that were coming out quite different than the typical TBS repertoire. So during a writing session in November of 2012, I showed up to rehearse and Matt and Sean asked, ‘What do you think about the name LIFE?’ I felt a surge of emotional distress since Tomorrows Bad Seeds was the first band I’ve ever been a part of. The thought of retiring it didn’t sit well with me! But soon after the music and writing felt so different it made perfect sense to create a whole new project!”

When asked how to describe the musical style behind LIFE, Moi classified it as World Music. “We will continually stride and cross over the genre barrier. It’s a playing field without restrictions. LIFE is in pursuit of exploring the depths of our creativity without being classified as one particular style or genre of Music! We will always love and be a part of the reggae community. It is a family, but we will be starting a fresh new outlook into other areas of music as well.”

LIFE has plans to drop a five-track EP titled, “R U D W N ?,” aimed for release in late May of this year. The EP will feature the uplifting sounds of LIFE backed by lots of soulful harmonies. Drummers Omar Hakim, Josh Freese, and Jose Padillas of Incubus also make an appearance on the debut EP.

If you are in the Southern California area, make sure to catch the trio’s first West coast show on April 14th at the Viper Room in Los Angeles! Also, just announced was a special in-store acoustic performance to be held in the band’s hometown at Spyder II on the Hermosa Beach pier.

Make sure to check the dates below and be on the lookout for an in depth look into their first 2 singles coming soon!

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Article by: David Garcia

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