Sono Vero’s ‘Give You The World’ Single

Sono Vero’s ‘Give You The World’ Single

On Monday, June 3rd, the guys from Sono Vero released a brand new single titled, “Give You The World.” If you know anything about this band from South Bay Los Angeles, you know that they are no strangers to writing love ballads, backed up with that sweet reggae sound…

The Pier got a chance to speak with Sono Vero’s lead singer, Charlie Ueda. He claims to have been inspired by a girl he met a few months ago, explaining “She had a lot of things about her that really separated her from the others. She’s just the kind of girl who makes an impression and I just had to write a song about her.”

Charlie helped produced the song alongside the very busy and highly demanded, Lewis Richards of 17th Street Studios in Costa Mesa, California. Although there are no main guest features on the track, Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds stopped by the studio to lay down some back up vocals during the recording process. Towards the end of the track, the band’s other vocalist, Dan Rodriguez, switches up the vibe a bit with a quick rap verse that starts out with some auto-tune.

Currently, Sono Vero – which means Sounds From Truth, is in the studio with Lew working on a new EP and playing local shows when given the opportunity. The new EP is set to be released sometime this summer but the band wants to make sure the sound is just right before putting out new music for the fans. In the meantime, the band has made “Give You The World” available for FREE download!

Get your free track from Sono Vero by clicking HERE!

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Article By: David Garcia

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