Stick Figure Reunites with Slightly Stoopid on “Way of Life”

Stick Figure Reunites with Slightly Stoopid on “Way of Life”

Stick Figure has returned with a new single, once again featuring Slightly Stoopid as the two groups reunite for a 3rd collaborative track with new song: “Way of Life.”

“Way of Life” is the latest in a string of collaborative songs between the 2 reggae-rock powerhouses. The first being the “Choice Is Yours” that was released back in 2015 when it was included as Track 4 on Stick Figure’s Set In Stone record. The next collab came in 2019 when Stoopid was featured on Stick Figure’s album titled track, World On Fire.

Listen: Stick Figure – “Way of Life” (ft Slightly Stoopid)

In an interview with Billboard, Stick Figure’s Scott Woodruff says: “I’ve always been intrigued by the soundscapes and reverbs used in Tropical House music. There is something so relaxing about that style. It really reminds me of being on the beach, a lot like reggae music does. So the idea for this track was to experiment blending that style with a roots reggae vibe. I started messing around making a beat for fun. I didnt really intend for it to becom e a full song or anything initially. I made most of the music for this track in my mobile van studio, but pretty soon i knew I was onto something so I kept developing the song and began writing and soon enough it became ‘Way of Life.’ I sent it to my bro Kyle (McDonald) from Slightly Stoopid to have a listen and we knew it was a crucial collab that needed to happen.”

It’s been since 2019’s World On Fire since we’ve seen a full length album from Stick Figure and since that time Stick Figure has gone on to become the top selling, alive & active, reggae artist. And according to the Billboard’s year-end Reggae Albums Artists charts from the last 3 years, the only artist who has sold more albums in the reggae genre is Bob Marley.

With that said, we’re anticipating a massive new record from Stick Figure and we hope this collaboration with Slightly Stoopid is just the start. For the summer, the band is set to hit the road on what is already a mostly sold-out tour as last we heard Brooklyn & Baltimore still had some tickets left.

Listen: Stick Figure – “Choice Is Yours” (ft. Slightly Stoopid)

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Article By: Mike Patti

Listen: Stick Figure – “World On Fire” (ft Slightly Stoopid)