Stüssy Launches Bob Marley Clothing Collection

Stüssy Launches Bob Marley Clothing Collection

Remember that cool “S” shaped thing you would draw over everything back in the 90’s? Fast-forward decades later and Stüssy remains alive and well, continuing to adapt and expand their brand recognition. And just in time for the summer, Stüssy recently announced that they will be launching their own exclusive Bob Marley clothing line. StussyMarley

During the launch announcement, it was confirmed that Stüssy worked directly with the Bob Marley Family on a collection to honor the iconic singer-songwriter who Stüssy claims “provided ceaseless inspiration for the brand since day one.”

The website was updated with the launch July 6, and features plenty of iconic Bob Marley images, moments and designs. Per Stüssy, the graphics include a collection of artwork from Marley’s tour posters, albums and merchandise sold over the years, including his 1978 record Kaya as well as references to Tuff Gong, the Kingston based recording studio Marley founded in 1965.

We’ve continued to see Bob Marley t-shirts and apparel all over the place, but this collection truly looks to be a cut above the rest that we’ve seen in quite some time. The designs are available in plenty of options for consumers to enjoy and rep, in the form of high-quality t-shirts, fleece, long sleeve, sweaters and more.

We’ve already looked into ordering a few threads of our own – this appears to be a summer collection so be sure to act quickly! Check out the Stüssy website and see for yourself by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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