Taco & Da Mofo’s Sixth Studio Record

Taco & Da Mofo’s Sixth Studio Record

5 piece Rock-Reggae-Bump group out of Memphis, TN known as Taco & Da Mofos will celebrate the release of their sixth record on August 26th. The self-titled release is a follow up to last year’s Nocturnal Gold!

The 12 track record was recorded, from coast to coast, in Port Orchid, WA to Jackson, TN to Clearwater, FL. The final mixing was done by Alex Romero (Game of Thrones) at Cleartrack Studios. The group started the writing process for the new record back in the Spring and in less than a few months had written and recorded the new Self-Titled record.
Vocalist, Keela Case, tells The Pier: “We traveled to Washington in April where we wrote and did pre-production on all of the songs. The actual production of the album started in early June and we finished in mid July, so from concept to completion it only took 3 months. This was definitely the fastest and most naturally flowing of a process we’ve ever partaken in on this level. We just started firing off on all cylinders and took a different approach on this one, and everything started banging out so fast that it just seemed natural to go ahead and release it to the world sooner than later.”

The group took a more creative approach with this record, ditching any A-B-C structure or mentality and just doing what felt right when approaching each track: “Taco and I actually took a road trip to Washington (the state) and started writing and knocking out song ideas with our DJ, Flip, who came back in the fold for this project to help on the programming side of things for drums and sounds. Then we took the ideas back to Tennessee where our drummer Reno laced the songs with drums and then Charlie and Boggy came in to drop bass and some guitar parts. As soon as that was done, me and Taco trucked it down to Florida to finish all of the mixing with Alex Romero and the end result is what you’ll hear now.”

While the album was put together inside a couple of months, it’s condensed within a journey that saw the group create a new record from coast to coast inside of 3 months. “At the end of the day, it was so us and such an organic process with no over thinking moments for us that coming up with an actual album name wasn’t possible. Because the album was simply who we are at this very moment in time. Taco & Da Mofos. So Taco brought it up and we all were like, boom, self-titled it is!”

The new record sees the group blending newer age reggae styles with electronic drums, synths and effects to surmise a record and sound unique to their name. When reviewing their first album, Nocturnal Gold, that was released July 2015, it received a 3.5 out of 5 Star Album Review with our own Andrew Aroche stating: “I found listening to ‘Nocturnal Gold’ to be a lot like watching an action movie. It’s good not because of its artistic merit, but rather because it’s simply entertaining. This is a fun album, and that’s exactly what I want from a band with a name like Taco & Da Mofos.”

Taco & Da Mofos are creative in the way they’re able to entertain us with their unique approach toward creating their music. You can find out for yourself by picking up their new, self-titled record on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Taco & Da Mofos – Taco & Da Mofos Track List:
TADM Cover1.) S.L.A.D.
2.) Pocket Fulla PreRolls
3.) Saw You at a Party
4.) Not Letting Go
5.) Mental Block
6.) All Up in That
7.) Summer Buds
8.) Not Enough
9.) Jamaican Rum
10.) Stoned in the Moment
11.) Change the Station
12.) Songbird 2.0 (Bonus Track)

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Article By: Mike Patti

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