Zach Deputy to Release Fourth Studio Record

Zach Deputy to Release Fourth Studio Record

On September 9th, 2016, Zach Deputy will release his 4th studio album Wash It in the Water. The multi-talented Savannah, Georgia-based artist played every instrument on the genre-defying 11-track album. Deputy recently dropped his premier single “Chevrolet” from the upcoming album.

Zach Deputy is able to capture the sound of a musical ensemble, all by himself. Deputy has mastered the art of looping, and incorporates beat-boxing, MPCs, a variety of pedals, and skillful guitar playing to create a truly unique live sound. Surrounded by gear, Deputy’s intricate rig often makes it appear as if he’s flying a plane rather than Zach-Deputy-Album-Coverplaying music. His sound intertwines dozens of genres, including soul, funk, reggae, folk, and pop, but Deputy says that Latin music is a driving influence in his sound.

“Because of the music I was raised on, I’ve always heard rhythm in a very tropical, Latin-esque way—it’s something that resonates in the deepest parts of me. When I was a kid my grandma would play a lot of salsa and soca and make me get up and dance to it, so in a way this is me putting my own spin on all that and bringing those sounds into a whole new era.”

Zach Deputy is a festival mainstay for his dance inducing grooves and wide ranging cross-over appeal. He’s also a Jam In The Van favorite, having recorded a number of songs for the popular web series. Currently, Deputy is wrapping up his summer tour dates, but will continue touring throughout the fall in support of Wash It in the Water. Deputy will be stopping at numerous East Coast venues, performing alongside Ballyhoo! and others, before heading west to California, Arizona, and Texas for a series of shows with fellow one-man jamband, Keller Williams.

You can pick up Zach Deputy’s new 11-track record via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Zach Deputy – “Chevrolet”

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Article By: Brian Winters

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