The 2014 Pier Award Results Are In!

The 2014 Pier Award Results Are In!

For the fourth straight year, we held our Pier Awards where we started out with a nomination process that included over 40 bands split up among 5 different categories. On December 22nd, a winner for each category was voted for by you the fans and the results are in…

This year, The Pier teamed up with Silver Surfer Vaporizer, aka SSV, to create custom Vapes/Trophy’s for each winner voted on for each of the 5 categories. We’ll unveil the final Vaporizer Trophy’s here soon! All of the graphic design work and media for the entire Pier Awards was done by Cameron Schuyler of Empire Design. All the backdrop photos & imagery were taken from our own David Norris. We don’t steal or use “stock” images from online as we have great photographers who also take amazing landscape photos that we love to incorporate into our visual media, keeping everything in-house & original. Huge thanks goes out SSV, Cameron, Norris, YOU the fans & all the artists for making these awards an enjoyable experience.

Below are the winners for each of the 5 categories. To view the 2014 Pier Awards in its entirety, you can do so by clicking HERE!
To view the initial nomination process for the awards, you can do so by clicking HERE!


WATCH – Music Video of the Year: Slightly Stoopid – “No Cocaine” (ft. Inner Circle & Capleton)
Video Director Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda went across the country to get exclusive footage of each artist. He captured Slightly Stoopid in the Red Rocks of Denver, CO as well as San Diego, CA and Inner Circle at Circle House Studios in Miami, FL. The shots with dancehall artist Capleton were filmed on the beaches of Long Beach, NY. The song, “No Cocaine” is an older Slightly Stoopid song that was remixed for the 2013 release of the Dub Rockers compilation. This video provides the visual aesthetics of the song and a well-deserved nomination for Music Video of the Year.