The Ambassador’s Live Album!

The Ambassador’s Live Album!

The Ambassador, aka SG Lewis, has just recently made public the drop of his new album titled Live in Ocean Beach on July 17th, his third release since his move to the West Coast.

This follows New Roots, his 2011 full-length release, which was nominated for “World Music Album of the Year” at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards as wells as “Best Album” and “Best Producer” at the 2011 Virginia Reggae Awards.

This new release strays away from the polished studio sessions of New Roots and brings a more loose and raw sound to the tracks. The new 8-song EP was recorded at Gallagher’s Irish Pub in San Diego, a club popular for its “Reggae Night” where The Ambassador frequently plays.

“Gallagher’s is a home base of sorts for me and the vibe there is great and allows me the opportunity in several cases to introduce and free style new tunes I’m working on says Lewis.

Lewis continued on to explain, “That was the case with the track “Chained”. I had a hook and a theme in mind for but no verses. I told the guys we would play the tune and I’d see what comes to mind lyrically & you can get away with that at a spot like Gallagher’s. The result was something special that I thought should make the EP to give people something brand new, even if it is in an unpolished format”

The show was recorded on an 8 channel Digi rack and as Lewis explained, “We only had 6 channels after the house mix to mic everything and so everything you hear was all captured on 6 microphones. Simple in its’ nature, but I think the EP captures the great vibe of the night”

With the organic sound of Live in Ocean Beach differing so much from the studio vibe of New Roots, it will be interesting to see the response from The Ambassador fan base. So if you liked New Roots, prepare yourself for something new and check out Live in Ocean Beach July 17th!

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Article By: Jason Gallagher

Video: The Ambassador – “Let’s Get It On”