The Aquadolls New Single “Beachy” Is An Ode to Self-Love

The Aquadolls New Single “Beachy” Is An Ode to Self-Love

Photo: Jenna Houchin

Rising stars coming out of the So-Cal music scene The Aquadolls have released their newest single “Beachy” from the forthcoming album “Charmed” due out later this year.  Produced by Chris Szcezech of Goo Goo Dolls, the new song has nostalgic roots for the band and recalls a 60s meets 90s dream pop self-love song.

Front woman Melissa Brooks comments: “takes the listener on a trip to the California sunshine with reverb-y guitar and saccharine vocals. While alone at home, we are left with the thoughts of missing those we are far apart from, but realize that self-love is key to making it through these hard times.”

With seductive vocals, the So-Cal based all-girl rock trio gets real about the harsh reality of living through the last few years with pandemic fear, lock-downs and the toll that it took on all of us. Coming out of those years there were a few key lessons learned as cultural conversations have shifted ranging from issues like work-life balance, the importance of family and friends and prioritizing mental health. The heavy themes within “Beachy” are complimented by what we love the most, the nostalgic feel-good pinky, beachy visuals in a Barie-core styled ride cruzin’ down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Watch “Beachy” music video below:

Stream the new song here:

The Aquadolls are currently on tour in support of Incubus and Sublime with Rome! Catch the full tour here.


By Mercedes Romana