Want to be on The Black Seeds Album?

Want to be on The Black Seeds Album?

New Zealand band The Black Seeds are inviting fans to sing on their forthcoming new studio album. Looking to create a big group vocal sound on one of the album’s tracks, the band is inviting fans to record themselves singing at home, and then upload it online by December 5th. Their voices will then be mixed into the track.

Renowned for their eight-piece live shows, the Wellington-based reggae/funk group has built a strong U.S. following in recent years on the back of successful touring and the 2009 release of their album Solid Ground.

Fans that take part will also be able to purchase a special edition CD with their names listed in the album credits.

The Black Seeds will return to North America in early 2012 to support the release of their new album. Over the summer, The Black Seeds contributed their songs “Slingshot” and “Love is a Radiation” to The Pier’s Pacific Island Sampler that focused on music & artists located out of the Pacific Islands.

For more information on The Black Seeds & their new album, visit The Black Seeds Website

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