The Elovaters Drop Groovy New Track “Come And Get It”

The Elovaters Drop Groovy New Track “Come And Get It”

Boston’s Natives The Elovaters “Come And Get It” single has got the hot ticket on this one!The Elovaters “Come And Get It" Review

The Elovaters “Come And Get It” Review

Hey now if they want to give it, I’m taking it baby! Boston’s finest giving smooth and grooving vibes with “Come and Get It”. Jackson’s sexy-as-hell vocals are backed by such a superb group. “Come and Get It “, catchy and flirty vibes take me back to the good times blazing joyrides and romantic rendezvous, this track is a good time waiting to be had! The phenoms have been killing it with a steady flow of rhyming, rocking reggae hits. We can’t get enough, every album they have released since 2017 has melted the charts consistently.

Moreover, The Elovaters are fearless and humble, staying true to their music message of positivity.

I can say I’ve gotten to meet them, and they are good peeps just following their dreams, you got to love them! Fueled by their drive doubled over determination this group has staked their claim on the proving grounds of music. The Elovaters are here to stay and will continue to blow our minds! This is the fifth single from The Elovaters of their upcoming album ‘Endless Summer’, due out July 28th! check it out y’all !

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez