The Expendables Level Up With “Homewrecker” feat. Little Stranger

The Expendables Level Up With “Homewrecker” feat. Little Stranger


Legendary rockers of reggae The Expendables are leveling up with the wild boys from Little Stranger in their latest collaboration “Homewrecker”! This is a fun catchy vibe with a sneaky tale of the “homewreckers”, I think we can get what they’re saying! The song tells us the grass is not greener on the other side so watch out for the red flags! We can all relate; the temptations are all there. The interesting side is the addition of men and women being homewreckers! Beware, the homewreckers are sneaky, enticing, and witchy ways that will only burn you!

This track was collaborated by some of the most prominent bands in the music industry. Since 1997, Santa Cruz, California’s The Expendables have become the mecca of reggae rock. Over 10 albums later, the powerhouse has exceeded most by outlasting and pushing the envelope with their style and signature sound, they are untouchable!

Little Stranger, the dynamic duo born and bred in Philly and then moving to Charleston, SC have taken the music scene by storm and will amaze you with the savvy sound and rhyming vibes. For fans of melodic hip-hop, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the twist they bring in the music. Little Stranger beckons the sounds of Gorillaz and Beck but pulls you in with their beautifully orchestrated and unbelievable live performance!

Written By: Suzanne Sanchez