The Expanders “Dub Beast” Single Release!

The Expanders “Dub Beast” Single Release!

On January 28th, 2014, The Expanders re-released a track off their 2011 self-titled debut album. This time, however, the song was in dub form. “Dub Beast,” is a recreation of the last song off the album, originally titled “Snow Beast.”

The entire album was produced by J Bonner of JanDisco Sound. Also a founding member of The Aggrolites, Bonner would immediately mix a dub version of each song upon its completion throughout the recording process.
“We actually have dub versions of every song on that album. We’ve always intended to release them when the time is right,” said The Expanders’ Devin Morrison. The artwork released with the single is actually the same Snow Beast that is found on the back of the self-titled album.

More recently, The Expanders have partnered up with Zojak Worldwide. Specializing in the digital distribution of reggae music, the company is currently enjoying the success from Taurus Riley’s new album that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts.

When asked why the band chose to release “Dub Beast” first, Devin, who adds vocals and rhythm guitar, explained, “Zojack liked the idea of releasing ‘Dub Beast’ first because we were about to embark on the ‘In Roots We Trust’ tour with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and The Simpkin Project. On that tour we would be selling our new ‘Snow Beast’ hoodies. Plus, J Bonner totally nailed that track in particular. He is completely in-tune with how to mix an old-school sounding dub version. If anyone out there is not familiar with the JanDisco sound, they should really do themselves a favor and lookup ‘Jah Faith – Bun A One’ on youtube, which is a J Bonner production.”

According to the band, they have BIG plans for a tour that cannot officially be announced yet. In the meantime, the Los Angeles roots-reggae group has been playing local shows and is gearing up to play this year’s 5th annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival!

Devin added, “For most of The Expanders’ history we have played at festivals that feature old legendary Jamaican singers and bands. In the last few years however, we have started playing more and more with the contemporary American reggae bands that have exploded onto the scene and are doing so much to carry reggae music forward to young, modern audiences. And because our goal is to bring a rootsy old-school reggae sound to modern audiences, we really look forward to playing festivals like Cali Roots.”

Due out later this year, The Expanders are currently in the final stages of recording their newest album, so make sure to check back with The Pier for further updates! You can purchase “Dub Beast” on iTunes by clicking HERE!


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Article By: David Garcia

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